Taste the Wadden Sea jewel

Wild Wadden Sea Oysters.

From September to April you can hunt in the Wadden Sea for the delicious and big Wadden Sea oysters. The many guided tours equip you for the trip out into the Wadden Sea and ensure that you not only find oysters, but also get a delicious taste experience out of the ordinary.

At low tide you go beyond the endless surfaces and become almost one with the width of nature. The oyster banks are packed with large and fresh oysters, which can be enjoyed on site or taken home. Many trips also include subsequent preparation of the oysters over bonfires and with accessories.

Remember to orient yourself about the attire; long rubber boots or waders and warm clothes. You can often rent equipment from the tour provider. Read more when booking your experience.

Eastern Tours By the Wadden Sea have different duration. At the Wadden Sea Center it takes 4-5 hours. On Rømø, an oyster trip often takes 2 hours.

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