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We have gathered 8 places you should visit to experience a beautiful view.
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The dunes Lakolk

The dunes on Lakolk beach are a popular place to enjoy the evening sun over Lakolk Beach. Many people choose to park their car or motorhome close to the dunes instead of by the beach, because here is peaceful and often a beautiful view of Lakolk Beach. Lakolk Beach is Northern Europe's widest beach where there is plenty of space to swim, fly a kite, go for a walk or just relax and enjoy nature.


Vongshøjs is located northwest of Løgumkloster located at an altitude of 62 meters, where you can further climb a tower to get a view that is completely unique to the whole area. Vongshøj also has tables and benches, so you can enjoy the packed lunch and the view


Vidåslusen is the lock that ends Vidåen, which runs along the Danish-German border and out through Marsken. With its large gates, the lock is a sight in itself, which protects the land behind the dikes. If you move up the dike, you get a view of the Wadden Sea and the huge plains of the wade that open at low tide.

Barrels Water Tower

Actually, the water tower in Tønder is part of the Art Museum, so you have to pay admission to the museum to get up to the water tower. Here you can enjoy the view of the entire city of Tønder and as a bonus you are also allowed to see Hans J. Wegner's exhibition of chairs, which stand up in the water tower.

Juvre - military shooting range

In addition to a view of a large area most reminiscent of the Marsh, from this vantage point you can look out over a military area that is today actively used by the air force for shooting training. The shooting practice often attracts lots of spectators, as you will be able to experience military aircraft flying so low that you can almost see the pilot.

If you are aiming to capture a view of an exercise, you can follow along here: 

Spidsbjerg Rømø

Spidsbjerg on Rømø is located approximately in the middle of the island at a height of 19 m. Above sea level. This makes Spidsbjerg one of the highest points on Rømø. At the top there is a view of Sønderland heath and Kirkeby Plantage. The trip to Spidsbjerg can be taken by bike or on foot and you have to prepare for a landscape where nature is 100% raw.

Rømø Dam

A favorite place for bird watchers. Rømø Dam is 9.2 km long and connects Rømø with the mainland and can without a doubt impress children and adults with a view of the Wadden Sea National Park. On some days where visibility is high, you can see both Mandø and even the chimneys in Esbjerg.

Emmerlev stepped

Emmerlev Klev is a stretch of coast where it has not been necessary to build a dike, as the coast is already located really high. In fact, you can see that every year the Wadden Sea eats a little of the coast. Emmerlev Klev is often seen as a little unknown gem, as the location is very isolated and requires that you have to move out on narrow country roads.


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