Migratory birds in the Wadden Sea

Every year in Autumn, winter and spring, up to 15 million birds migrate through the Wadden Sea to eat the many tons of mussels and benthic animals in the Wadden Sea.
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The Wadden Sea is a pit stop

The Wadden Sea National Park is a pit stop on the East Atlantic route, which collects birds from Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia and travels towards southern regions on the African coast. However, not all birds fly all the way.

"The season for migratory birds is from October to April"

The birds eat their fill.

The birds settle in the Wadden Sea for a period, to eat their fill and absorb fat stores for the long
trip. In the Wadden Sea, they eat mussels, heart mussels and brush worms. The birds eat over 2 billion
Wadden Sea benthic animals. And this happens every year

Black Sun in Tøndermarsken

40 different species migrate past the Wadden Sea

There are many different migratory birds, in fact the migratory birds in the Wadden Sea consist of 40 different species. The most famous is probably the starling that is behind the artwork Black Sun which is a major attraction every year. In addition to the starling, it is very common to see geese and other birds as the common terrier.

among them you will easily find these 6 species:


In Denmark, it can be found especially in the Wadden Sea area in connection with the migration to and from the Netherlands


Greylag goose

It is in Denmark the most common of goose species.

Branta_bernicla_flying (ThKraft)


The species is seen in Denmark as a migratory and winter visitor and is the most common of the smaller geese


Beach damage

In Denmark, it is common along the coasts, but is also found by streams and lakes inland and on flat rooftops in the cities


Common rye

It breeds in northern Europe and Asia, overwinters in Africa and Southeast Asia.


Icelandic ryle

In Europe, the Icelandic ryle is thus exclusively a migratory and winter visitor.

These spots are our favorite for spotting birds.

The Wadden Sea is a really large area, and in general you can spot birds almost anywhere in the area.
However, we believe there are places where you have the greatest chance of getting the best experience.


Take bird trips in the Wadden Sea and the Marsh

If you take a professional bird guide on a bird trip in the Wadden Sea or in the Marsh, then have
you really good chances to experience the amazing bird phenomena that take place. The guides
makes the experience even better by telling and explaining everything about the birds you meet out in
the nature.


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