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Although the tent poles have long since been drawn up in many of the country's festival venues, there are still unique music experiences in store, for the festival-hungry and music enthusiasts this past weekend in August. The foundation is the same as it always has been when the Tønder Festival runs on August 27-30. Here you will find everything the heart desires of hand-played music, with roots in blues, folk, country, roots rock, cajun, oldtime and other adjacent genres.

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The event has been canceled due to Corona

Barrels, August 27 - 30, 2020.

Barrels Festival 2020

A truly unique festival

For five decades, the Tønder Festival has been one of the country's most important and unique festivals. In addition, the special atmosphere of the festival and close contact between musicians and the audience, the many volunteers and the local as well as regional support help to create a unique atmosphere in the festival grounds.


Tønder Festival also has a unique music profile, where you can can experience international artists who only give a concert in Tønder and do not play at other Danish festivals, this summer.

Barrels Festival 2020
Credit: Helle Arensbak

4 + 

It's not just the music the audience can experience at this year's Tønder Festival. In 2020, the Tønder area will also sum up activities in the four days leading up to the Tønder Festival. 4+ 

consists of a number of eventful holistic experiences and offers a lot of events, focusing on nature, history, food, culture and togetherness.

The 4+ days take place on the 23rd + 24th + 25th + 26th August this year and are organized so that festival goers and local citizens have the opportunity to discover and experience Tønder's many good stories and sights.

What can you experience for the Tønder Festival?

At the Tønder Festival, we offer top-notch international names - both the brand new ones that are on the rise, the style-creating songwriting legend and the authentic folk music.
There will be special music when bands and musicians like John Prine, Keb 'Mo', Ryan Bingham, Birds of Chicago, Lars Lilholt Band, Red Hot Chilli Pipers, The Secret Sisters and many more visit this year's Tønder Festival.
The atmosphere on the festival grounds is cozy and intimate and, in addition to the music, offers art, events, artist talks, food stalls, restaurants, bars and much more.

The city is buzzing!

Even though the festival takes place exclusively on the festival grounds, you can all week feel that the city is buzzing with life and happy days. In fact, the city has a lot of events and events as well as live music in the square and at many of the city's taverns.

Parking options during the festival

The Tønder Festival does not offer its own associated parking spaces for guests without camping wristbands. For that reason, reference is made to four public free parking spaces located around Tønder city. On the official website of Tønder Festival you can read much more about parking options as well as the parking spaces available during the festival:

Transport to and from the festival

Drive by train or bus to and from the Tønder Festival and avoid the hassle of traveling in the city by car as well as find parking options. The train and bus stop are only 200 meters from the entrance of the festival site - so it can not be easier to get back and forth if you use the public transport options during the Tønder Festival.

Useful links for public transport

Plan your trip via reiseplanen.dk, and get help from your residence and all the way to the festival site. You can also visit the website Arriva.dk if you are missing information on travel times or if you want to know more about extra departures to and from Tønder Festival.

The music

Musicians from all over the world

And the people behind 

The festival has a management group of about 150 people and a total volunteer group of about 2,500 people.

If you come from far away, there is a sea of opportunities to find a place to sleep, throughout the festival.

Overnight in the cities around Tønder

In Tønder there are some hotels, but these will usually be fully booked for a long time in advance, which is why we recommend looking in the cities around Tønder, where there will be plenty of opportunity to find a hotel, campsite or similar place to sleep, throughout the festival. 

Find accommodation by calling the accommodations as not all bookings are offered on booking portals.

Throughout the festival, extra trains and buses will be added from the surrounding towns to Tønder. For that reason, there is ample opportunity to get back and forth, regardless of time. 

See more under the section: “Transport to and from the festival”, for more information on how to get to and from the festival site.

Sleep at Tønder Festival's campsite

Tønder Festival also has their own camping area, located right up and down the festival grounds. So if you want to avoid transportation to and from the festival, this is the obvious accommodation option. 

We refer to the official website of Tønder Festival, for further information and purchase of camping tickets.

Holidays & Accommodation
during the festival

Over 40 years old tradition

The story behind

It began more than 40 years ago, when a group of young music-loving people organized a three-day party with vocal singing, folk music and goblet sound in the old watermill in Tønder, which was then named Visemøllen.

The enthusiasm was great, and there was a broad consensus that the three-day music party should become a permanent tradition. The following year, in 1975, the first real Tønder Festival took place and the festival grew steadily in the following years. 


In 1978, the wildlife site in Tønder was turned into a festival site, where a large tent, with seating for over 800 people, was set up. The rumor of the folk music festival in Tønder then ran out of town and across the border. As a result, in the years that followed, the festival evolved, the number of bands increased considerably and the crowd flowed in mass.


The festival has since become one of Northern Europe's largest and most important international festivals for folk and root music. 

In addition to seasoned festival veterans, more and more new guests are also showing interest in the unique festival that exudes identity and atmosphere.


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