Here's how to experience the Black Sun

Especially in autumn crowds of starlings are gathering for the flight return to the South and in spring they will come back again. They are flying closed together, lined up in dancing formations to confuse their enemies, the birds of prey. This phenomenon has got the name "black sun".

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Spring Black Sun - March to April


In the tourist information we ask a lot of questions that go on: "How do we see black sun?"

In short, you can be lucky to see the Black Sun in almost the entire Wadden Sea area, as long as there is plenty of space and green open plains, the large flocks of starlings lands and takes off many times before they settles for the night, this remarkable dance is what we call the Black Sun

Instead of searching and searching we made a card which points out some areas where it often takes place.

Black-sol cards
Credit: Helle Arensbak

You can experience from September and October / November and again from March to mid April. During the periods, you are most likely in the hours before and after sunrise and sunset

What to bring

There aren't any specific things to bring, but there are some things that make the experience a little better.

If you drive

If you pack your car yourself, be aware that there can often be an incredible amount of traffic around the popular places. We recommend that you take one of the guided tours which you can get on a bus that goes out to the Black sun.

If you attend guided tour

If you choose to go on a guided tour, you do not have to get stuck in trafic and then find a free parking space, because the traffic is very dense as long as there is black sun. In addition, you also save hours looking for the many stars.

Not only can a guide help you find the starlings, they also give you a great experience in self-knowledge with many other birdwatchers and enthusiasts. 

exciting lectures about the birds and an explanation of what the Black Sun phenomenon is really about. There is no doubt that you will come home with an experience and interesting knowledge after a tour with a Black Sun guide.

find a
Black Sun guide

Black Sun - Departure Barrels

 Varighed : 3-4 hours
DKK 195,00

Black Sun - Departure Skærbæk

 Varighed : 3-4 hours
DKK 195,00

Go'morgen Black Sun

 Varighed : 2-3 hours
DKK 195,00


The starlings come from all the countries around the Baltic Sea and Norway. Just before the starlings descend into the tube forests for the night, the large flocks draw fascinating patterns in the sky - this is called black sun and can be experienced in the marsh at Höjer.

Black sun end each evening with the starlings settling in the eaves, usually up to an hour before sunset.

The accommodations are constantly being moved to cheat birds of prey, and because rooftops after a few days of use rupture, the starling literally sits with its feet in water.

How many stares can you be in a bunch

Black sun in the Tønder marsh can sometimes hold up to a million birds. However, when the overnight flock becomes larger than 500,000 birds, the flock usually splits up as there is too much unrest.

The dance of the stars is determined by the number of birds of prey and the weather. The optimum conditions are a relatively quiet and dry evening, as well as a suitable number of birds of prey, which help create the beautiful formations in the sky. On a stormy and rainy evening without birds of prey, the starlings dive down fairly quickly and go to rest for the night in the tube forest.

In the spring and autumn, flocks of thousands are seen


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