Shelters in the southern Jutland nature

Find shelters around the whole of Tønder municipality, where you can spend the night outdoors.
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Overnight in shelters

Around nature you can find shelters that are either on public or private land. In Denmark, there is 1 owner of a shelter and it can be either a municipality, the Danish Nature Agency or a private person.

All shelters located on the map below are publicly available, but some need a booking and others do not.

How do I know if a shelter should be booked?

This depends on who manages the shelter and the space for it.

  • The Danish Nature Agency
    • Shelters on campsites able to bookes.
    • Shelter in primitive accommodation can not bookes.
  • commune
    • Depends on the individual space.
    • However, most shelters need to be booked.
  • Private shelters
    • Depends on each individual owner
    • Most, however, must be booked

If you click on a shelter on the map below, it will say whether you need to book or not.

Note that some shelters require you to book them before using them.

Booking of shelters

You can find this at shelters:

  •  One or more open wooden cabins with roof.
  • In some places there is also a campfire site.
  • In some places there is a public toilet.
  • Some shelters can be rotated 360 degrees to shield from the wind and provide the best views.

You must always have this with you:

  • Sleeping gear (sleeping bag, pillows and warm clothes in cold months)
  • Firewood (sometimes you can collect in nearby area)
  •  Food (always remember water, as it is often not a water item)

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