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As a tourist in Tønder, there are some things that you just have to see and experience. In this guide you will find 7 attractions in Tønder city center, which will definitely enrich your visit to Tønder.
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A route in Tønder


Our walking tour through Tønder shows 7 Attractions which is well visited by tourists from near and far.

The tour is by walking and will take around 2-4 hours depending on how long you spend at each destination. The walking distance is only 900 meters in total, so everyone - both young and old - can join.

The route can be downloadet to your mobile, so you can easily follow it on your phone through Google maps. 

Further down the guide you will find a systematic review of stories and tales about all the different destinations.


Tønder Christ Church

Tønder Christ Church is built on top of its predecessor, Sct. Nikolais Church from the 14th century and which was demolished in 1591. 

Although a new church was built, they chose to keep the church tower and the west gable, which was built in 1520. Therefore, the tower is older than the church itself.


Kristkirken in Tønder is one of the churches in Denmark that is richest in old furniture. This is due to the enormous wealth that was in the area from the 1500-1700s. The wealth came from the trade in grain, bulls and the large lace industry. The inventory tells a powerful and clear story about the area that then demarcated Tønder. 



The Old Pharmacy

At Det Gamle Apotek you can find different applied art and gift ideas of the best quality on the shelves. here you will find the nicest and most unique products from many different suppliers. In the shop in Tønder, there is a large assortment of applied art, with a touch of cosiness, nostalgia and romance. Then come in and see the many beautiful and new items. 

  • Mon - Fri: 10-17: 30
  • Sat - Sun: 10-16


Drøhse's house is one of the most beautifully preserved old houses in Tønder. The house is located in the middle of the pedestrian street and tells a story about the Baroque, as well as about the craft of lace that Tønder is known for.

The lace dates back to the 16th century, and around the 18th century it was a large industry in Tønder, where it is believed that there were up to 1200 lace girls who lived in the area around Tønder.

Drøhse's house is today a museum, with an interesting shop, where you, among other things. can buy lace and equipment for lace. 

The Baroque House is a beautiful and atmospheric house, with many details and building craftsmanship of the highest quality. It is therefore an important part of the Tønder area's business history as well as a must-see when visiting the pedestrian zone of the city. 


Norlyk Distillery

Norlyk Distillery is located in the heart of Tønder. The building itself has been Gustav Rothes Bogtrykkeri, which stopped production in 1980. The skylights and the fine details in the building create an atmospheric setting for tours, changing art exhibitions and tastings of our products.




There are two theories about the name Uldgade. The first theory is based on the fact that in ancient times woolen goods were transported to the Vidåan through this street and hence the name. The second theory is based on the street name being based on the German word wolf and translated into Danish wolf.

Uldgade was in its time a street where the town's artisans lived. For this reason, you see the special building style with narrow, elongated houses - often with a gable facing the street and with beautiful ornate doors, each of which is unique.


Sculpture garden


In 2008, they chose to put together an art committee to decorate the city. Their initial capital was 75,000 kroner and has since grown to values in the million class, which can be found around the city.

In the Sculpture Garden you will find 17 sculptures, which have been donated to decorate the city. 


The cirkel bridge in Tønder

In March 2020, the first sod was cut by the bank of Mølledammen in Skulpturhaven. This was the start of the establishment of a new wooden promenade and circular bridge - the first of several projects in the work with new urban spaces and climate adaptation in Tønder Midtby.

The footbridge is located on the banks of the Vidå river by the sculpture garden. The bridge has a beautiful view of the city's beautiful park and wildlife.


The Art Museum and the Water Tower

Tønder Art Museum shows the area's art history, Nordic art from the 20th and 21st centuries with changing exhibitions and the world-famous furniture architect Hans J. Wegner. 


The water tower is today decorated as a museum for the famous furniture architect Hans J. Wegner's chairs gift in 1995. The gift consists of the 37 chairs that he thought would represent his design in the best way in his hometown Tønder.

From Vandtårnet there is a view of the entire Tønder area.

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