How to eat oysters

Read in this guide where and how to open your oyster. Also read how to eat and prepare the oyster.

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Here you will find the Wadden Sea oyster

As a good rule, you can always find Wadden Sea oysters in almost the entire Wadden Sea area. They are in great numbers and can hardly be avoided. It does not require permission to assemble them, but it is a good idea to have a pair of good rubber boots and the right outerwear on as there can often be a cool wind on these edges.

Either take it southern Romo, to Havneby, and head out into the Wadden Sea, where there is a sea of oysters to find and collect. You can also take it northern part of Romo and head out to the east side of the island where you can also find and collect the fresh oysters.

Would you like to get rid of the hassle yourself and are you more to buy your oysters, then you can buy oysters at Havneby's fish shops.

How to open an oyster

  1. Fold a dishcloth onto a firm surface
  2. Lay the oyster flat side up, fold some of the towel over the oyster so you don't cut yourself.
  3. Now use your left hand to hold the oyster while using your right hand to insert a knife between the two shells.
  4. Now turn back and forth until the oyster opens
  5. Use the knife to cut around the edge of the muscle to release it from the shell.
  6. Pour off the water and remove loose shells.
  7. Bon apetite!

Eat them raw

The oyster can be eaten in many ways, but if you want the most intimate taste, then you have to taste the oyster completely raw.

Once you have opened the oyster and removed all the shells that have been loosened by the opening process, you pour the water off and add any. a little lemon juice, tabasco or freshly ground pepper.

Marinated oysters

The oyster is fished out of the shell and marinated in a layer of oil and vinegar, and possibly added raw onion. The oyster can be marinated for several hours, but can also be fished out of the layer and served after a few minutes. The oyster is served in the original shell, with a bit of the marinade. 

Enjoy a cold beer or a little wine to the dish.

Gratin Oyster

The loosened oyster remains in its shell where all the water is drained. The oyster is added to cheese or grater. If you wish, you can add some bacon or ham.

The oyster is then grilled on a grill or in an oven for 4-6 minutes until the surface is slightly golden.


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