Rømø Motor festival 2020

On August 22, 2020, genuine Danish motorsport has been turned up when the Rømø Motor Festival again this year, is holding the legendary veteran motor race on Lakolk Strand on Rømø. The whole event is free, so bring your friend, boyfriend or the whole family for an adventurous day in the symbol of motorsports

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Thanks to Marc Rod for the pictures.

The event has been canceled due to Corona

Romo, 22 August 2020.

Romo Motor Festival

Is it petrol that drives you, high speed, and do you like to watch, as hundreds of vintage cars race eachother, then Rømø Motor festival is the place for you. 

Find yourself a spot in the dunes or along the long sides of the course on the beach and enjoy an afternoon full of speed, unique old cars, lots of wind in your hair and with the most beautiful view of the beach, sea and waves.

There will be around 100 participating veteran vehicles for the Rømø Motor Festival. So there is plenty of opportunity to find and follow just your favorite brand of suss around the other vintage cars, along Lakolk's fine sandy beach. 

Well met at Lakolk Strand for 2020's edition of the Rømø Motor Festival, where we pay tribute to the revival of Danish vintage motor sport and the unique race at Lakolk Strand.

Veteran motor race

The Romo Motor Festival is the epitome of veteran motor racing. On the beach there will be a veteran race with cars from before the war. There will, among other things, be Coupe, Roadsters and special cars as well as veteran motorcycles. Nothing on the cars must be newer than from 1947. And it's not just the cars that are old, it's the clothes on the drivers too. For this reason, the nostalgia has turned up completely when the Rømø Motor Festival again this year holds their legendary veteran motor race on Lakolk Strand.


There are no official parking zones, so it is a good idea to know in advance where you would like to park when you arrive in Rømø. When you arrive at Lakolk Beach, you do have the possibility to park on the left side of the beach. If in doubt, take a look at the map. Here you can park in the area marked in green. When you get to the beach, the Home Guard will welcome you and help you guide your car safely and quickly into place.

Come In Advanced

The beach and the area around Lakolk Beach on Romo will be a highly frequented place this weekend. We therefore recommend that you arrive well in advance to avoid long queues. Especially on the dam, which lies between Romo and the mainland, will be heavy traffic early in the day for the motor festival. Therefore, it is a good idea to come the day before if it is possible, if you want to avoid unnecessary queuing time.

For you, who wants to participate in the race

If you want to participate in the race, you can find more information about how to take part on Rømø Moter Festival's official website: https://www.romomotorfestival.dk/

See the video from 2018!

A Video of Opel

The Romo Motor Festival is a new version of the race of the time and all the money has been judged when again this year on Lakolk Strand on August 22.

There will be plenty of opportunity to buy food and drinks throughout the event. 
On the beach there will be stalls where you can buy food and drinks for you to enjoy while watching the race.

Or if you need a break from the beach and the North Sea rush, the Lakolk Market Square is a spit away from the beach, where there are several different cafes and restaurants to eat at

You can therefore easily leave the boring packed lunch at home and instead enjoy a little good for the palate on the beach or in one of Lakolk's fine cafes. 

However, we recommend bringing cash for payment in the stalls on the beach. With so many people in one place, the cows can quickly get long for the sausage truck. It is therefore a good idea to have cash at hand - it is faster and easier.

Food &

Motor festival over the years

The story behind

In 2019, you could celebrate the 100th anniversary of a true Danish beach race. It was in 1919 that the first Motor Festival was held on a beach in Denmark. In the years 1919 to 1924, however, Fanø was home to the most legendary drivers, and it was here that the first race cars were ready to race in front of Fanø Badehotel. 

Therefore, there was already condemned motorsport at that time for all the money when the private speed devils would run out in the sand. 

1924 - the accident

However, it all stopped abruptly in 1924 when Sir Malcolm Campbell, in an effort to reach his own record, at a speed of more than 240 km / h, lost his tire that hit and killed a 15-year-old spectator. After this tragic incident, the race was immediately stopped.

2016 - The Invention

It was not until 2016 that the Rømø Motor Festival was piled on its feet and thus an otherwise forgotten chapter in the history of Danish motorsport was revived.

Rømø Motor Festival's idea behind the event and the whole concept is to honor and commemorate the history behind the races at Fanø.


From humble beginnings, with just 40 vehicles, the festival has grown into a world-class vintage Motor Festival, with Rømø's beautiful and unique beach as the centerpiece.

Since 2016, the Rømø Motor Festival has hosted the legendary veteran motor race and in 2018 there were more than 100 different vintage cars from 11 different countries, each fighting for the prestigious 1st place.

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