Romo kite Festival

The Romo Dragon Festival is definitely an experience you will remember - but beware - it can easily become a lifestyle. It is for many of the kite pilots who travel to Romo every year to show the latest creations of different kites - and maybe you are lucky enough to run with a prize, for their talent. This is also where the beginner can get a few good tips and tricks if you have a dragon who doesn't quite do it properly.
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Rømø, 3-4. September 2021

Romo Dragon Festival

Northern Europe's largest international kite festival on Rømø.

In early September, the sky over the beach at Lakolk on Rømø will be full of brightly colored dragons as the 31st Rømø Dragon Festival is held.


From Friday, September 4 to Sunday, September 6, 2020, it will be possible to see a wide range of different kites in all sorts of shapes and sizes floating around the sky on Rømø.


All kite enthusiasts of all ages are invited to come and show off their kites. And if you don't have a dragon, you can just come and enjoy the beautiful view of the sky. Quite an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Everyone is welcome - with or without kites.

Free access

Everyone and everyone is welcome to the kite festival and there is free admission for everyone to the festival area.


It is possible to park freely on the beach itself, where the dragon festival takes place. Therefore, you do not have to worry about having to walk several kilometers from and to the parking lot.
We do, however, pay attention to follow the signs on the beach as well as park and drive appropriately compared to the other drivers on the beach.

Come In Advanced

Romo will be well visited this weekend for the dragon festival. We therefore encourage you to arrive in good time to avoid the most queue. The dam between the mainland and the island will be highly frequented these days, so if possible we recommend that you come the day before the festival starts. Find accommodation by clicking on the following link:


The Romo Dragon Festival also offers, as one of the few, night flying - an event that has grown larger and more beautiful over time. This is because it has become easier to make kites with LED lighting, which has made night flying probably the friendliest part of the kite festival.
Thousands of beautifully lit kites floating around in the sky are a sight you will not forget - and with the unique North Sea in the background, it will be no more special.

The beach on Romo has the best imaginable conditions for kite flying - with its wide, flat sandy beach - and not to forget the buzzing west wind that sends the kites light and elegant.


The beach is very wide and long so that all kite flyers can have space to show off with their beautiful kites. So pack your kite in the car and come to Lakolk Beach in the first weekend of September, and join in celebrating the Rømø Dragon Festival - where you also have the opportunity to see what the other kite pilots have come up with in the dragon world.

Lakolk Beach
ideal for kite festival

A sight you do not forget

An absolute must-see

For that reason, it is a fantastic sight to see so many dragons floating in the sky at once. Everything from traditional rhombus-shaped dragons to giant fantasy animals - there is therefore guaranteed to be a dragon for all tastes.


Rømø Dragon Festival is really a must-see if you are going on a late summer holiday in West Jutland. Everything goes together in a higher unity when the North Sea, the long white sandy beach and a party fireworks of colorful dragons create a unique atmosphere on the beach.

The dragon festival on Rømø has gradually become Northern Europe's largest and is well attended by dragon pilots from especially northern Germany and the rest of the world who pilgrimage to Rømø to meet other dragon enthusiasts.


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