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How we handle Covid-19

If you arrive from another country

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Good advice for tourists

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Do you travel with work

If you travel with work from a high-risk country, then you can read the rules here.

How to handle our tourism industry Covid-19

Activities and guided tours

Everywhere we as tourists gather for an event or trip in all forms, the government's rules and calls are maintained. This means that we always maintain assembly bans on the stated number, and that we ensure space for a good distance and always have hand alcohol available.

If the activity takes place inside, a mouth bandage will also be required.


Accommodations are open and have ensured that hygiene is at a high level. Extra cleaning is done and the restrictions are met.

Always check with your residence about what restrictions they have.

Restaurants and bars

All restaurants and bars are closed until 17 January. However, you can still order Take-away from many restaurants.

Public transport

In all public transport it is required to wear a sanitary napkin. as far as possible there are fewer passengers per route. Cash is avoided if you buy a ticket physically.

Shopping and groceries

Grocery stores are still open, with the requirement to wear a mask.

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