Island round trip with Traktorbus

42 seats

2 - 6 hours

Tractor + Ferry

Guide: Romo Tours


  • Stop 1 - The ferry berth at Havneby. Havneby is the ferry port where the ferry arrives and departs from Havneby Rømø and Sylt. Rømø Tours is in sync with the ferry and has 4 daily departures that match the Sylt ferry.


  • Stop 2 - Harbor City. In the town of Havneby, you have the opportunity to visit the modern town square environment, with nice restaurants.


  • Stop 3 - Enjoy Resorts. Enjoy Resorts holds Romø's largest wellness center, a total of 2600 m2, an 18 hole pay & play golf course as well as nice Restaurant Ø


  • Stop 4 - The old grocery store


  • Stop 5 - Tønnisgård


  • Stop 6 - Dancenter


  • Stop 7 - Lakolk Shopping Center


  • Stop 8 - Lakolk Beach


  • Stop 9 - Sct. Clemens Church

About this experience

  • Meeting place: 9 collection sites
  • Guide: Romo Tours
  • Service: Wheelchair friendly
  • Language: Danish English German
  • destination: Romo

The ultimate adventure and sightseeing trip on Romo and Sylt. 

Your day starts off with our tractor bus, where you get a tour of Rømø, so you can experience the beautiful island from north to south. After the tour of the island, you will set off at the Rømø-Sylt ferry, where yesterday you board and take the ferry to jam, and spend the rest of the day at Sylt.
When you return with the ferry, Rømø Tours will pick you up again in the tractor bus and drop you off at the stop you were standing at.


Family ticket valid for 2 adults and 2 children!


tour Ticket

With a tour ticket you get 2 hours with Rømø Tours. The Trakor bus shows you a total of 9 places on Romo, which are indispensable to see when visiting the island. With a tour ticket we therefore guarantee experiences for everyone when our tractor bus shows you Rømø for 2 hours.

Day ticket

With a day ticket you can get on and off all day. Ie that if you want to spend 2 hours at the beach, or at one of the 8 other stops, you can get off and have a break. When you want to go on again, you just get on the bus again and drive on. This way, you and your family can organize your day on Rømø yourself.

Day ticket + Ferry ticket round trip

With a combi ticket you can get on and off our tractor bus all day. This way you and your family can organize your day on Rømø with Rømø Tours. In addition, you will also receive a ferry ticket return trip to Sylt in the price. With this combi-ticket we therefore guarantee a full day, filled with experiences and where the holiday mood is completely turned up.


  • The ticket you buy here can be redeemed Monday - Friday 25/05 - 01/10
  • The Romo Tours tractor bus runs all day, a full tour around the island takes 2 hours.
  • When purchasing the ticket you will receive a ticket and an order confirmation which must be brought when you make the trip.
  • The ferry berth
    • 10.25
    • 12.25
    • 14.25
    • 16.25
    • 10.33
    • 12.33
    • 14.33
    • 16.33
    Enjoy Resorts
    • 10.38
    • 12.38
    • 14.38
    • 16.38
    • 10.43
    • 12.43
    • 14.43
    • 16.43
    • 10.57
    • 12.57
    • 14.57
    • 16.57
    • 11.05
    • 13.05
    • 15.05
    • 17.05
    • 11.17
    • 13.17
    • 15.17
    • 17.17
    Lakolk beach
    • 11.28
    • 13.28
    • 15.28
    • 17.28
    Sct. Clement's Church
    • 12.05
    • 14.05
    • 16.05
    • 18.05


Price adult:

220, - DKK

Price child:

150, - DKK

DKK 50,00DKK 600,00

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Payment options

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You have a question?

If you have any questions regarding the tour, contact your guide here.

  • +45 28 89 89 09

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