If you are fishing with a rod, you are an angler and you need an angler sign. (except for people under the age of 18 and people who are entitled to a state pension).
If you fish with nets, ruffles or similar gear, you are a recreational angler - and you must have recreational anglers regardless of your age and retirement conditions. However, you must be 12 years of age to engage in recreational fishing. The fishing license costs DKK 300. for a year, and that also applies as an angler.

A fishing license applies only to one person and is only the debts of the person who is written on the sign.

ATTENTION that most rivers, streams and ports require additional permits to fish by.
Often this is just another permit to buy.

Purchase Of glossy fishing signs

It is possible to order fishing licenses in large quantities and fill them in our tourist information. For this service please call on our phone and order.
+45 73 70 96 50

Cancellation and Refund

The outlet has the option of canceling / refunding purchased signs. This applies to characters that have been purchased and printed, but are not sold to the person who has applied the character as a user. For example, if the character is ordered but not picked up, or if the customer changes their mind about what type of character is desired.

Location: Whole Denmark

Pick up at: Rømø or Tønder

Fish Water Type: Rivers, streams, public lake, seawater, ports

Requires angling: This is the mandatory fishing license

Guide: Seller: Visit Rømø & Tønder

Order your fishing license online. Everybody knows if you need anglers where you are fishing.

If you have purchased a fishing license that requires a fishing license, you need to collect the fishing license from the tourist information on Rømø or in Tønder.

For example, if you Having bought a fishing license for Put & Take you can use your receipt as a fishing license.

After getting your fishing license, you can fish loose to the place you purchased access to. Please note that you must have your fishing license / card on you as check will be made on an ongoing basis.


  • applies to the date written as the start date
  • 1 fishing license applies to 1 person
  • Fishing license only applies to fishing rods - Not for fishing with nets or other.
  • valid for 18 - 65 years

DKK 50,00DKK 195,00

Book here:


From Denmark: Social Security number
abroad: Date of birth

Start Date * 

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Payment options

Here you can pay online by credit card

You have a question?

If you have any questions regarding the tour, contact your guide here.

  • +45 73 70 96 50
  • mail@romo-tonder.dk

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