Blocart Experience

1 - 2 seats


With / without instructor

Guide: Kitesyd


  • Easy to learn
  • Speed across the beach
  • You can have the little ones in a 2 seater block
  • Top speed can reach 70 km / h
  • Great family activity.

About this experience

  • Meeting place: Sonderstrand
  • Guide: Kitesyd
  • Language: Danish English German
  • destination: Romo

Rent a Block Map for an hour!

Blokart Takes place at Sønderstrand, Rømø where kitesyd is located. When you rent a block type, you are provided with all the safety equipment and are transported to the beach.

When purchasing the voucher certificate, the voucher must only be presented to kitesyd or provided by booking by telephone.



Block art is a relatively new invention that started in New Zealand in 1999.

Since the year 2000, things have gone really strong and they have gained popularity in most of the world, especially in Europe, where we have wide beaches and good stable wind to play with. So you can have a unique action experience, by coming to Romo and experiencing the rush.


Blokarts are very maneuverable and therefore easy to manage.

Typically, it does not take longer than 10-15 minutes to become a blockchain driver and therefore children from 6 - 8 years of age are able to drive alone. If you have smaller children, it is possible to drive a tandem, so you drive 2 people together.

KiteSyd has started taking courses in blockarting, so you might want to give your boss, wife children or companions the back wheel.

Disability driving is arranged. If a lift is needed to lift a person in block type, we also have the opportunity. But it must be booked in advance so the lift is on the beach.

Price adult:

See prices above, - DKK

Price child:

See prices above, - DKK

DKK 375,00DKK 525,00

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Get an instructor to help you get started

Payment options

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You have a question?

If you have any questions regarding the tour, contact your guide here.

  • +45 20 21 03 06

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