Day trip - Hamburg Hallig Fugletur


4-5 hours

On foot

Guide: Birdwatching


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  • Meeting place: Amsinck Haus Sönke-Nissen-Koog Germany
  • Guide: Birdwatching


- 2 National Park Wadden Sea and birdwatching guides (Danish / German)






June 06, 2020

165, - kr

ca. 4-5

Sönke Nissen Koog


July 03, 2020

165, - kr

ca. 4-5

Sönke Nissen Koog


Hamburg Hallig was named after the two businessmen from Hamburg who bought the island in 1624. They completed it in 1628. The island formerly formed the northeastern part of the island Beach. The West Coast is protected by dikes, and the recovered 550 ha of salt beds on both sides of the dam have developed into a valuable nature reserve with nine breeding bird species. The beach meadows - a special habitat between sea and land. The meadows are an important breeding ground and breeding ground for our birds.

Hamburg Hallig's main yard has three buildings: The inn "Hallig Krog", a service house for the national park's staff and wadden sea workshop with exhibition and laboratory. 300 meters south of the main shipyard there is the Kujerberg (a low yard without buildings) that serves as a rescue high for sheep at “Landunter” (when everything is under water).

On the mainland just before the road over to Hamburg Hallig is the service and information center "Amsinck-Haus". This is where we meet for the ride.


Start at the Amsinckhaus, from here we walk 4 km through the salt meadows to Hamburg Hallig, the road leads us past Schafsberg, where NABU is located.

We will look closely at the plants, as the meadows can be flooded with seawater, they are characterized by the existence of plants that can withstand salt. Insects that are not often detected, such as Halligflieder-Spitzmaus-Rüsselkäfer or Salzkäfer. We will also observe and tell the birds many interesting things about them and the national park as well as UNESCO World Heritage.

At the hall it is possible to buy some food and drink (it is not included in the price) Afterwards there will also be the possibility of bird sightings in Beltringharder Koog and Hauke Hain Koog. Some amazing bird spots!

Remember proper footwear, weather conditions and binoculars if you have them

Price for an adult:

165, - DKK

Price for a child:

165, - DKK

DKK 165,00

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