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Go´nat big owl:
We visit one of the owl's breeding grounds, where it has been breeding for several years in a row. Here we are pretty sure to hear it, and if we are lucky, we get to see it too. The Great Horned Owl is Europe's largest owl and grows up to 1m high - in fact a violent case! After being eradicated in Danish nature, it is now left as a new and few breeding bird. Here in the early spring it is full throat, which can be heard at a distance of 1 km. An exciting and different ride when the forest becomes dark and "dangerous".

Meeting place:
parking lot opposite Schackenborg Castle. Slotsgaden 42, Møgeltønder, 6270 Tønder Prices: DKK 165 (adult), DKK 95 (child max. 13 years) Remember passport, as the owl may need to be observed just south of the border

Date and time: 04.03 16.30

Price for an adult:

Price for a child:

From: DKK 165,00

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