Birding + Breakfast

20 people

4 hours

Self-driving + On foot

Guide: Birdwatching


About this experience

  • Meeting place: Siltoftvej 2 Højer
  • Guide: Birdwatching


Bookable up to 1 week before start





- 2 National Park Wadden Sea and birdwatching guides (Danish / German)

- Breakfast plate

We start in the parking lot at Rickelsbüller boil, which is just next to the border house (Siltofte).
We walk along the fence up the dike approx. 4 km back and forth.

We will both look at birds in the German Rickelsbüller boil which has plenty of fresh water and Margrethe boil which has a large saltwater lake. In addition, you will gain knowledge about the area we travel in and about the national parks and UNESCO World Heritage.

Back at the cars we drive towards Höjer, to Hohenwarte where a birdwatching lunch plate awaits. Here we will talk about the trip and what we have seen.

Price for an adult:

250, - DKK

Price for a child:

250, - DKK

DKK 250,00

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Do you have a question?

If you have any questions regarding the tour, you can contact the guides here.

  • +45 53 65 62 61

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