Day trip - Hallig Oland Bird and culture tour

20-30 People

4 - 5 hours

On foot

Guide: Birdwatching


About this experience

  • Meeting place: Parking lot Schlüttsiel
  • Guide: Birdwatching
  • 2 dates available:
    – 26.04.2020
    – 20.09.2020

Important !!!

You can only book up to 2 weeks before the start.


- 2 National Park Wadden Sea and birdwatching guides (Danish / German)

- The ship's ride

- Food

A hallig is an uninhabited island in the Wadden Sea , flooded by the tide

A small hall in Northern Frisia, approx. 2.9 kilometers long and up to 980 meters wide, which until 1634 was associated with Hallig Langeneß. Over the centuries, this connection was destroyed by the storm surge. Hallig Øland also became much smaller, originally there were 2 yards, now all people live on one. Yards are the only elevations that rise above the water as the country knows high tide and flood flooded.

Today, the halligen is connected to the mainland via a small embankment. The dam helps to expand the east side of the island, thus offsetting the lost land on the west side due to storm surges. The railway dam is a storm-proof connection that serves to transport materials and people. Those living in the hall must use their own “Loren” (small carts) to pick up supplies.

Halligen have boats schoolchurch, ward house with library, inn and a thatched lighthouse. In the middle of the hall there is a historic water reservoir for cattle, a so-called Fething. The small thatched church was built in 1824 to replace two former churches.

A port allows for a further connection to the mainland.


This little hall with special flair we will go over the seabed (7km), back we sail with the ship. On the trip over, we tell you about the lake, its residents, the birds, the Wattenmeer National Park, and UNESCO World Heritage.

At the hall we show the sights and there will be some food (drinks are not included in the price).

Price for an adult:

330, - DKK

Price for a child:

330, - DKK

DKK 330,00

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If you have any questions regarding the tour, you can contact the guides here.

  • +45 53 65 62 61

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