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Guide: Erhardt - The Wadden Sea


Experience the Wadden Sea and the Wadden Sea Maiden

Your booking has not been confirmed until you have spoken to the Wadden Sea Forge.

About this experience

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  • Meeting place: Bunti 26, 6261 Bredebro
  • Guide: Erhardt - Vadehavssmedjen
  • Service: Private tour, wheelchair possible
  • Language: Danish, German
  • destination: Hills, Wadden Sea, Marsh

Vadehavssmedjen is an old forge and today it is the location for trips in natur. Erhardt, your guide, will change your wishes to reality. He knows everything (nearly) about the Wadden Sea and the life in the Wadden Sea Area.

Erhardt will accompany you on a bustrip, on foot, by car or bicycle and tells stories and facts about the area.

It is also possible to stay in Vadehavssmedjen location for lunch or dinner in pleasant surroundings.

Examples of guided tours:

  • Black Sun
  • Picking up oysters
  • Stories and histories about the Wadden Sea
  • Snapsetoure - alkoholics with raw materials from the Wadden Sea
  • Get the tide
  • Catch fishes with your feet
  • Springstage
  • Storytelling on parties/meetings


How it works

You order Erhardt on an hourly basis. You write a message to your guide about your interests, your ideas and your favourit themes.
The price is the same whether you are 2 or 100 people.

Usually you meet at: Bunti 26, 6261 Bredebro - Vadehavssmedjen; but you can make another apointment with Erhardt, too.

After booking, Erhardt will call you and talk about the details,

From: DKK 300,00

Book here:

If you already have wishes and ideas for your guided tour, wright down herre.

Payment options

Here you can pay online by credit card

You have a question?

If you have any questions regarding the tour, contact your guide here.

  • +45 29 72 74 26

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