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Invite the Wadden Sea Girl to come out and tell about the Wadden Sea or take a guided tour and collect oysters, watch the black sun or make a snap
 Varighed : hourly
DKK 300,00
The trip goes to Marsh The marsh is a very distinctive country, it is lush and bare at the same time. It has a very rich wildlife and a unique history
 Varighed : 2 hours
DKK 300,00
The perfect activity to make your holiday on Romo even better. A day with a tour of Rømø and a discovery tour of Sylt.  
 Varighed : 2 - 6 hours
DKK 50,00
Seal Safari is a wonderful natural experience, where you take a wooden c
 Varighed : 4 hours
DKK 285,00
Bring the sun out to the sea on a Thursday in July. There will be community singing and storytelling from a local. It's free to attend
 Varighed : At 20:30
DKK 0,00

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