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Well years start at the mooring road and run from the land into the sea where the fishing water stops at the county tomb. Look at the fishing map on google maps where you
DKK 25,00
buy access to Møgeltønder put & take. The lake is open all year round Include your receipt as an admission ticket.
DKK 30,00
Buy access to fishing in Brede Å. The river goes from the coast and all the way past Arrild.
DKK 50,00


Fishing license is mandatory for fishing throughout Denmark. The fishing license allows you to fish with ordinary fishing rods. People under 18 o
 Varighed : 1 Day / 1 Week / 1 Year
DKK 50,00
Fishing in Rømø's only fishing lake. The fishing lake is located on the north-east side of the island in juvre. You can get there by car. The lake is 900m long and about 4
DKK 80,00
Vidå, which has given the association its name, is formed at the confluence of Arnå and Hvirlå at Emmerske approx. 3 km east of Tonder Town. The vidu is subdued
DKK 125,00
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