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The area offers many experiences for all interests - from the most cultural and historical experiences to the spontaneous and adrenaline-pumping activities. Us from Visit Rømø Tønder devided all the possibilities into 6 main categories to make it easy for you to find the experiences you are looking for.

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Popular experiences right now

Wadden Sea and Oysters - Photo Thomas Høyrup Christensen (12) -1600px

Wadden Sea hike

Whether you have never been on the water or if you are a nature lover who comes there again and again, then a Wadden Sea hike is an experience for everyone.

Wadden Sea and Oysters - Photo Thomas Høyrup Christensen (11) -1600px


The Wadden Sea National Park contains tons of oysters, and they can be picked and prepared by anyone who wants this taste experience


Christmas in Tønder and surroundings

Christmas begins on November 7 in Tønder. Here you can visit the cozy town during the Christmas season and feel the Christmas atmosphere with all your senses.


The barrel trip

The tour is on the go and takes about 2-4 hours, depending on how long you spend at each destination. The walking distance is only 900 meters in total, so everyone - young and old alike - can join.

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Migratory bird

Every year, birds migrate south and back again. The Wadden Sea gas station for the birds before embarking on a long journey. If you love to enjoy the birds, then the area is the perfect place.

Rømø Dam

16 Attractions on Rømø

The most popular Attractions to be found on Rømø. Take the family by the hand and come out and experience Rømø's unique nature and the sights that the island hides.

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