28 August. 2021

Sønderjysk Kagefestival

Eat your way through Tønder Street in a multitude of different cakes.

A cake festival in Tønder

Eat your way through Tønder and the South Jutland coffee table. Buy a cut card for Denmark's sweetest festival - Sønderjysk Kagefestival, which will be held in Tønder town center on 28 August 2021.
The cut card gives you access to the full taste experience of the South Jutland coffee table and takes you through both the soft and the hard cakes.


Sønderjysk Kagefestival will be held in Tønder town center on 28 August 2021 at 11.00-14.00.

Your cut card will be picked up at Allegade 15 Tønder in Our Marsk on the festival day, remember to bring your receipt for the online purchase. The cut card is used at stands located around Tønder town center, you will be given a map of the cake route together with your cut card.

About the festival

The purpose of Sønderjysk Kagefestival is to focus on the special Sønderjyske tradition within the baking profession and give the guests to the festival the opportunity to become wiser about the history around the Sønderjysk cake table. The festival is a collaboration between Tønder Handelsstandsforening, EUC Tønder and shops in the city, local bakers, Rømø-Tønder Turistforening, Tønder Business Council and the Tøndermarsk Initiative.


DM in Bread Cake

Everyone gets the opportunity to go on board the South Jutland cake table while the hunt for Denmark's best bread cake begins. It takes place from 11.00 to 13.00 on the pedestrian street in Tønder town center.

The judging panel consists of, among others, the mayor of Tønder Municipality, Henrik Frandsen, Nip - winner of the Big Christmas & New Year baking contest 2017 and Trine Bladt - Teacher at EUC South in Tønder, Baker and Confectioner.

Everyone can participate with their very own bid for the country's best Brödtorte. You can register by sending an email to the destination developer in the Tøndermarsk Initiative - Julie Bjerre Hermansen:





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