Sønderjysk Kagebord

Experience traditional South Jutland cake dining

Sønderjysk Kagebord is a tradition dating back to the 19th century which today is best experienced in Sønderjyske

7 soft, 7 hard and 7 dry

In total, the original recipe consists of 21 cakes, which date back to the 180s when coffee had become cheaper, and therefore the preferred gesture to offer its guests.

In 1864, when Southern Jutland became part of Prussia, there were often meetings for the Danish-minded at local inns and farms, in addition to which the Prussian authorities often did not always give permission for spirits serving, so one had to use other servings, which saw remained cake table.

How to taste Sønderjysk Kagebord

Today, there are not many places that offer Sønderjyske coffee table on the menu due to the time spent preparing 21 cakes. 

However, there are some places where you still offer your guests a traditional Sønderjysk Kaffebord. Below you can book a place at one of the places in the Rømø & Tønder area which offers its guests a cake experience.





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