Seals in the Wadden Sea

Experience the seals as they rest on the sandbanks of the Wadden Sea

Seals are crazy about the Wadden Sea, because there is plenty of food and sandbanks where they can relax free from predators.

The seals on the Sandbanks

The harbor seal is the most common seal found in the Wadden Sea, but recently in 2014 it was discovered that the great gray seal has also started to breed in Danish waters, which means that you can be lucky to experience one of the largest seals in The Wadden Sea.

The seals are also Denmark's largest predator, as the harbor seal can weigh up to 130kg and the large gray seal can weigh up to 300kg, which beats the wolf which has again become a predator in Denmark.

Although the seals can sleep well in the water, they clearly prefer to be able to sleep on land, and therefore you can find the seals in the hundreds out on the Sandbanks on the Wadden Sea.

Where can you experience the seal

Experiencing the seal in the Wadden Sea can be a difficult task, as you often have to be lucky if you see a seal on the beach or e.g. at the dock. The seals prefer the large sandbanks that lie out in the Wadden Sea, which are created by the constant movement of the tide.

That is why it is best option to take a guide on a fishing cutter that sails between Havneby and Herring, in between there are sandbanks where you can spot many seals resting in the sun over the summer and part of the autumn.





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