Wadden Sea National Park

Nature created over 60,000 years and today has many wonders. The Wadden Sea on the west coast is part of UNESCO World Heritage and the National Park of Denmark.

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The Wadden Sea is a coastline that runs from Den Helder in the Netherlands up to Esbjerg in Denmark and which is formed by the Weichsel Ice Age.

The Wadden Sea is characterized by the fact that the bottom has a very low depth along the coast, which therefore gives a great change in the landscape as the tide runs back and forth. In fact, in some places the water level can vary by up to 2 meters in normal weather conditions. 

During a storm flood, the water level can rise by up to 3-4 meters , which is also why you have built dikes along the coast of the Wadden Sea, as in addition to flooded fields, towns and roads.

The marsh behind the dikes

Behind the dikes lies the marshland, which has a very unique appearance with its bare and flat surface. The marshland has arisen from land that has been supplied over many thousands of years by the tide that has been caused by organic matter and clay on the coast. This clay and soil formed is incredibly fertile for both plants and animals.

In fact, today you will find many herbs and plants that only grow in the marsh and the Wadden Sea area.

National Park Wadden Sea
Migratory birds in the Wadden Sea

The National Park is of great importance to the birds, especially when migrating south for the winter. Here the birds land and eat well before they make the long trip past the Alps.
For this very reason, a great diversity of bird species is found in the Wadden Sea area.

Wadden Sea Lamb / Sheep

On the coast where the grass can grow in the Wadden Sea, sheep and grasses often go to maintain the land, while the sheep get good nutrition from the plants that grow in the area. When the sheep and lambs have grazed on the plants that grow in the salted water, the meat on the lambs has a very unique taste, which is considered a gastrointestinal experience.


The tides in the Wadden Sea area are a little more special, as you can see the sea as far as the eye reaches the river (high tide) and when there is ebb (low tide) you can see the sea floor as far as the eye reaches.
The water level can vary under normal weather conditions by up to 2 meters.

Storm surge

Storm floods are when the weather conditions are very severe, while there is high tide. This can result in very high water levels. The water levels can rise by up to 4 meters, which means that the dikes are pushed to the extreme, which is why there is sometimes a break in the dikes.

Especially for the Wadden Sea

Wadden Sea and Oysters - Photo Thomas Høyrup Christensen (10) -1600px

Rømø Oysters

For decades, the island of Rømø-Oysters has adapted to the wild life on the vast banks of the Wadden Sea and the very special rhythm between ebb and river, storm and ice.



Kveller is a salt herb that grows wild in the Wadden Sea area. As it grows in salt water, it naturally contains salt and is therefore often used in salads or as accessories for some of the local produce, such as. Rømø Oysters and Rømø Shrimp

Horsehead seal on Helgoland Island, German Bight, Germany

Seal Safari

From May to September you can experience the seals lying on the sandy banks of the Wadden Sea. If you want to experience the seals, you can go with a seal safari on a wooden cutter and hear the guides tell about the Wadden Sea and the seals.

Things to see in the Wadden Sea

Guided Eastern Tour

Whether you have tasted oysters before or not, this is a must-see and something you can experience with family or friends. With a pair of rubber boots and a guide, you enter the Wadden Sea, in search of the valuable Romo Oysters.

Wadden Sea hike

Whether you have never been on the water or if you are a nature lover who comes there again and again, then a Wadden Sea hike is an experience for everyone. The trip goes from the Wadden Sea forge in the ballum out to the Wadden Sea, where there is plenty of opportunity to explore life in the subsoil and in the water surface as well as to enjoy the bird life that thrives in the world's largest pantry.

Black Sun

The Black Sun is a natural phenomenon that can be seen in the fall and spring, when hundreds of thousands of stars are heading south for winter, and back again when spring's warm weather permits.


From May to September you can experience the seals lying on the sandy banks of the Wadden Sea. If you want to experience the seals, you can go on a seal safari with a wooden cutter and hear the guides tell about the Wadden Sea and the seals.

Feel the tide

The only thing to try is to be in the Wadden Sea when the tide changes. There is something magical about being able to feel the water pull in over your feet and witness as the water level rises, which it does every single day.

Bathing on the "almost infinite beach"

The beach on Romo is not a regular beach, it is so large that on the broadest part the beach is up to 3 km wide. It also means that when there is low tide, you can go very far into the water before you can bottom.

Walk in the Tøndermarsken Photo: Ulrik Pedersen, Tøndermarsk Initiative. The picture must be used in connection with the mention of the Tønder marsh and / or the Tøndemarsk Initiative.

Barrels Marsh

The marsh has been created by the Wadden Sea through the ages, which is why you will find an incredibly lush area, with lots of beautiful scenery and wildlife.


Wadden Sea's big five

Experience the Wadden Sea's 5 large animals: Sea Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Blue Kestrel, White-fronted Goose and hopefully also the Wadden Sea's largest predator, the Woodpecker.

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