Angling in Southwest Jutland

If you are planning a holiday with angling, or if you need more knowledge on how to get off with the fishing pole in southwest Jutland then read here.
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The fishing season ranges from May to October

Angling in Southern Jutland

Rømø & Tønder offers many unique and beautiful fishing spots, both with large and small catches. In fact, Tønder Municipality is the municipality with the most fish water coast.

The best known places to fish in the area are:

All sites require one or more permissions. 

The permits can be purchased here on the website.

Species of fish

In Denmark, 38 species of freshwater fish have been registered, which are "wild species". In saltwater, 220 species have been recorded, but only half spawn in Danish waters.
In Danish waters, fishing with a fishing license is required and in many places a fishing license is also required from the fishing association concerned.

Put & Take

There are several put & take lakes around the Romo & Tønder area. These lakes are private and do not require a fishing license, but you do have to pay access to fish in the lakes.
In put & take lakes you often catch trout.

Fishing license / Fishing license

In Denmark it is compulsory to buy fishing license if you want to fish in Danish waters. In the various streams and creeks you will also need to buy a fishing license from the local fishing associations.

Oyster fishing

You may want to go out into the Wadden Sea and collect oysters for your own use.

Photo: Ulrik Pedersen, Tøndermarsk Initiative.
Fishing in the Vidåen

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