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The Vidå, which has given the association its name, is formed at the confluence of Arnå and Hvirlå at Emmerske approx. 3 km east of Tonder Town. The voyage is arranged on the entire stretch from Emmerske to Tønder and from here on to Rudbøl. Vidåen offers versatile opportunities for angling, ranging from co-fishing for peace fish and eel to fishing for salmon and sea trout. The river is in some parts very quiet and after the Grønåen outlet south of Tønder town more lively. From the Lægan boat port and westwards the river has the closest river character and the fishing takes place here exclusively from boat.

Fishing rules Vidå

  • In the Fishing Association of Vidås fishing waters, the fishing season runs from 16 April to 31 October. Except for this, Vidå is on the stretch from Lægan bridge to Rudbøl bridge. From Lægan Bridge to the end of Rudbøl Lake you must fish until 15 November. Fishing in Rudbøl Lake itself must be fishing year-round. Preservation: Sønderå from Hovmose bridge to Vindtved (16 April - 31 May)
  • Species conservation Erne in the Fisheries Act must be observed. If a fish is caught during the species' conservation period, it should be discarded as gently as possible immediately.
  • Catch limitation: Two salmon fish may be taken daily from the Sports Fishing Association Vidås waters (though cf. the salmon quota)
  • Under-target fish should always be discarded, as far as possible in viable condition.
  • Fishing with shrimp and / or spawn is prohibited.
  • Bait fish not caught in the Vidå System may not be used for fishing.
  • A maximum of 3 rods must be fished at the same time and the distance between the outer rods must not exceed 10m.
  • Snag fishing is prohibited.
  • The use of cords is prohibited.
  • Trolling by motorboat is only allowed west of Lægan bridge.
  • Be polite and considerate to the pilot owners.
  • Never park in the field or in front of others. Damage to crops, fences and more occurs under fines and liability.
  • Dogs may not be included while fishing.
  • Fishing license / Membership card for Sportfiskerforeningen Vidå is strictly personal and must, on request, be presented to the association's fishery supervisors or to any person who presents a valid fishing license himself. Any catch must also be presented to the association's fishery supervisors.
  • Fishing licenses and mandatory fishing permits must be paid before fishing commences.
  • Violation of the above fishing regulations may result in exclusion from fishing in Vidås fishing waters.
  • Salmon retrieval is regulated by a quota, which is determined each year by the Directorate of Fisheries. The salmon quota is divided into two groups: Fish up to 75cm and fish larger than 75cm.
  • The association's fishing waters are divided into two categories - A-sections and B-sections. The division works as follows:
  • A-lines: Arnå from the confluence between Surbæk and Rødå south of Løgumklostervej at Svejlund east of Bedsted. Sønderå from St. Jyndevad and downstream. Grønå from the confluence between Terkelsbøl river and Uge brook and downstream
  • B-lines is located upstream of the A-sections.
  • A maximum of 65 salmon may be taken on the A-sections divided into two groups: 35 pieces of 75 cm or less and 30 pieces over 75 cm. A maximum of 5 salmon may be taken on the B-sections without size distribution.
  • When the quota in one of the two groups is exhausted, it is announced on vidaa.dk. Subsequently, salmon belonging to the fished group should be discarded as gently as possible.
  • Each angler may take at most one salmon per year.
  • Violation of this rule entails exclusion from fishing in the Fishing Association of Vidås fishing waters for the remainder of the current season as well as the following season. The Directorate of Fisheries is informed.
  • There must be no more than one hook on the linen. The hook must be a single, double or wooden hook. It must be without or with fully squeezed barbs. However, when fishing with natural bait or bait with fragrance, single hook with hook size 12 or a smaller hook may be used.
  • Violation of this rule entails exclusion from fishing in the Fishing Association of Vidås fishing waters for the remainder of the current season.
  • All caught salmon and sea trout MUST be registered on www.vidaa.dk no later than 11.00. 23:59 the same day. The prisoner's first name, last name and address as well as the size, sex, place of catch and date of catch of the salmon must be provided. This registration must be made even if the fish is checked by one of the association's inmates. The board of the Sports Fishing Association Vidå



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