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Unique natural and cultural experiences in the Wadden Sea National Park

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High quality nature and culture tours with guide. As an example you can go with the Black Sun, White Sun (tens of thousands of swans), boating in the German Wadden Sea, Seal Safari, Castle Safari, Helgoland Safari, Oyster Safari, Drams Safari, Swan Safari, Goose and much more.

At land
Here on the vast grasslands, sandy banks and glittering mudflats, fascinating experiences await as we replace the safari jeep with bus and comfort, and take on great experiences in a unique nature and an exciting cultural landscape where nature is constantly changing.

At water
Here, where the wild animals lurk beneath the surface or are buried in the mud, great experiences await when we replace the SAFARI canoe with a beautiful steamer or a top modern excursion boat. Here, fascinating visits to isolated islands, sailing on rivers and canals await you, and a unique insight into an area where the sea is emptied and enormous surfaces are exposed to take back when the tide returns.

In air
Here the world has wings. The airspace over the marsh and the Wadden Sea is a year-round viewing spot for thousands of wings, deadly battles on life and death, and breathtaking experiences as bird flock after bird flock gather. Birdwatching is and will be both fascinating and enigmatic, and on safari we can sense the big wings and magically almost experience flying like the birds. The exotic birds in the marsh know this area as the world's best food search area.

Possibility of organizing individual tours for groups. Contact Black Safari for more information.



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Collect oysters on Rømø

Experience conditions and natur live in the Wadden Sea and the open muddy silt, when we explore it at low tide. After 300 meters we are looking for oysters and other specialties from the Wadden Sea - there are lots of different types of molluscs.

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