The locks in Höjer
The locks in Höjer
The locks in Höjer
The locks in Höjer
The locks in Höjer

The locks in Höjer

An eternal battle against the tide

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At the far west is the flat marsh landscape and the Wadden Sea.

Here are vast expanses and a horizon so endless that one can feel quite small on the edge of the sea. The Wadden Sea is, at one moment, a dry bottom, as far as the eye can see, and a few hours later completely flooded by the sea.

The Vidåslus and the Forested Dike protect the entire 12,000 hectares of Tønder marshland and 15,000 inhabitants from flooding from the Wadden Sea.

Højer old locks

The old sluice in Höjer, west of Tønder, was built at the same time as the Höjer-Siltoft dike in 1861. Previously, the ships were able to sail freely into the Höjer Canal. With an open lock in the dike, ships with mast could sail into the port of Höjer, which was built within the dike.

Vidå lock

The new lock of Højer was completed in 1981. It consists of three concrete chambers with two wooden sluice gates each. There is a car park and a restaurant close to the lock

Boat people at Vidåen

A time frame from around 1900. From the turn of the century until 1920, there were more than 100 fishermen employed at Rudbøl lake and along Vidåen. Today there are only 15 left. One of the most visible memories from the first time is the old fishing house, built approx. 1870. With this house as its center, in the early 1990s, it succeeded in restoring this ancient environment, in order to show visitors how a small group of citizens lived, worked and worked over 100 years ago. Use the parking space at Höjers Sluse. From here you can walk on the footpath over the dike to the exhibition.



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