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Lakolk shopping center is also known as one of the most visited locations on Romo

Welcome to Lakolk Shopping Center - we look forward to providing you with a good experience.

At Lakolk shopping center you will find a st

Cafes and eateries:

  • Rømø sweets and ice cream parlor
  • Sir. Dax
  • Cafe Retro
  • Cafe Mrs. Dax
  • Sashimi Sushi Rømø
  • Pizza & Pasta


  • Romo Light
  • New Form
  • West Wind
  • By Vicky - at Lakolk
  • Rømø Supermarket
  • Ib's Gift Center
  • Shop Rømø
  • Dragon shop

Other things:

  • First Camp Lakolk
  • Vesthop
  • Sun and Beach

Opening hours

Romo Lys, By Vicky, West Wind and Ny Form.

The rest


An experience

Lakolk shopping mall is an experience in itself, The whole environment is full of fun and holiday, you quickly feel that all employees are keen to give the guests of Lakolk a good experience, You have the opportunity to choose one of the good restaurants in Lakolk and get a good meal, be it nachos or burgers, fish or steaks, then Lakolk is the place for you and your family. 


Sourvinir and shops

You can buy souvenirs in stores or if you are looking for great deals on sports outfit, then there are also good opportunities for that. If the wardrobe needs a change or you need new shoes, you can find it in one of the clothing stores.

There is also plenty of opportunity to find something to eat in one of the popular cafes.

Kid friendly

Something for the kids

During the summer, there are good chances for the children to have an experience that they forget they can jump through on Westhope's jump pillows and castles. 

Or drive the Segway on the landscaped lane. There is the season through various music events one can sit outside and enjoy. It is also always unforgettable to go for a walk on the beach and enjoy the wind, maybe you want to put up a kite.

Romo tours

The tour bus around Rømø.

At Lakolk there is a bus stop with Rømø Tours, which is a tractor bus where you can hop on and off as you like, if you buy a hop off and hop on ticket.

The trip around Rømø takes 2 hours, and there is a guide on board who tells about Rømø.

Beach for everyone

Lakolk Beach

Probably one of Denmark's most visited beaches, probably also because it is one of Denmark's widest beaches. Therefore, there is really good space for the whole family who can be sheltered by their own car while the children safely bathe in the water, which is in bathing depths far from the shore.





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