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Commander farm

A whaling farm, as it was in the 18th century.

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The National Museum's Commander's Farm is one of Rømø's rich old family farms - fully furnished in both housing and longer. The farm's wealth and magnificent interiors are a clear expression of the large revenue that Romo's commanders could earn from whaling and commercial sailing. A wealth invested at home on the island.

The picturesque residence contains among other things. beautifully painted panels from the 18th century, beautiful carpentry and carving work and well-preserved wall coverings of Dutch tiles.

  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Parking space for buses
  • Bringing food is allowed

Opening hours 2019

Easter 18.04. - 22.04.

Thursday - Monday 10-15. 

Spring 01.05. - 31.05.

Tuesday - Sunday - 10-15.

High season 01.06. - 30.09.

Tuesday - Sunday - 10-17.

Autumn holidays 12.10. - 20.10.

Tuesday - Sunday - 10-15.

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