In the new version of the lecture Behind Operation X, Morten Spiegelhauer tells the stories of the critically acclaimed, award-winning and not least debate-making TV program Operation X - from the many considerations and efforts to the results and not least the consequences.

As a front figure on the TV2 program, Morten Spiegelhauer has for more than 15 years conducted hundreds of confrontations with everything from dog dealers and hard criminals to directors and ministers.

In every case he has had to mobilize his personal courage, and this has not been without personal consequences. Morten Spiegelhauer has often had to transcend his own personal boundaries in connection with the work on Operation X, which unfortunately has also gone beyond private life. He has had to deal with death threats and has for some time had to go underground with his family. 

But that has not stopped him from continuing as a host on the revealing TV show.

Morten Spiegelhauer is today a well-known and respected critical journalist, and people with less clean flour bag certainly fail to open the door when he and the rest of the team behind the program knock. The organizer informs

The doors open at 6pm Bring your ticket in printed form.

The old "Security North" is the fortification line that was built by the Germans in northern Germany, which today is Denmark. Security position North was built in the years 1916-1918 to protect Germany against attacks from the north. Hedging position North extends across present-day South Jutland. From the east by Hoptrup, to Skærbæk in the west. 800 bunkers were built across southern Jutland, these are the remains of those you can see and explore.

After the reunification in 1920, most of the security position North was destroyed, but some of them have been preserved and are seen and experienced. Below you can see a map of Fuse North and where there is still the opportunity to experience some of the old fuse.


NB. The pictures are from Gammelskov battery in Agerskov.

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