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Barrels are the largest city

Barrels are of the many towns in the area. It is the municipality's largest city and attracts many tourists every year.

Barrels are an old town

Barrels are rich in many things, and especially in history. In fact, Barrels can be dated back to the 1300s.

Barrels are a trading town

Barrels have always been a trading town, which is due to Vidåen. Today, Tønder is still a good trading town, as there is plenty of opportunity for shopping


Inspiration for experiences in Tønder

Barrels are a city rich in turn. There is something for the little ones and something for the elderly. Barrels offers a cozy pedestrian street with distinctive houses and great shops.
The business world is varied and has many different products to offer. Especially for Tønder is the story of lace, which has contributed with great wealth over time.

Popular in Tønder


Tønder Gågade

Take a stroll down Tonders pedestrian street. Here you will find cafes, restaurants and lots of shopping opportunities. Take for example. on our sightseeing trip.


Barrels the trails

Take a stroll and discover Tonder's magnificent views and explore the nature, culture and rare places that are not always visible from the normal tourist routes

The museums in Tønder

Art Museum & Wegner

Visit the art museum in Tønder and discover modern Nordic art or take in the Water Tower and visit the exhibition of Wegner's chairs.

Sculpture in Tønder

The Garden of sculpture

The Garden of sculpture in Tonder is a collection of 15 beautiful sculptures that have been given as a gift for decorating the city.



Uldgade is one of Tonder's oldest streets, which today is still well preserved with beautifully decorated houses facing a cobbled street


Tonder Christchurch

The Church of Christ is an extremely beautiful church, which today is one of the richest churches on old furniture.





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