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The biggest..

Rømø has the largest beach in the north, which is 12 km long and 3 km wide in the widest place.

Annually visits ...

Every year, approx. 2 million guests beach on Romo

There lives..

About 850 permanent inhabitants of the island have an area of 129 km²

Rømø, the holiday island in the Wadden Sea

Romo - Holiday Island

Rømø is an island off the coast of southwest Jutland, which is connected to the mainland via a 9.2km long dam. 

The 128.86 km² large island has 559 inhabitants. The island is located approx. 10 km out in the North Sea,

The island is perfectly suited to the many millions of tourists who each year travel across the dam to visit the beautiful landscape that Rømø offers.

Romo & Tønder - Welcome
bathing beach

As the largest bathing beach in the whole of the north, one can only be impressed by the landscape that is found on the up 3km wide and 11km long beach. Lakolk beach, which is the most popular beach on Romo, has really good bathing water. It is possible to take the car to the water's edge.

All over Lakolk Beach there are of course lifeguards to look after all the guests.

Stay on the island

On Rømø you will find a wide range of accommodation options, such as. Cottages, B & Bs, motorhomes and campsites and luxurious holiday centers.

Active beach

The southernmost beach of Sønderstrand, is the place where wind sports and surfing take place. Here you can rent block charts, surf equipment and much more.

The nature

The nature on Romo is very varied. To the west you will find large sandy beaches and dunes, to the east you will find the Wadden Sea where, among other things, you can find oysters and in the middle you will find lush nature which is experienced only on the west coast.

Find a stay!

If Romo is your next holiday destination, we can help you
way to find a stay on the island.

Popular on Romo

Romo & Tønder - Welcome

Lakolk Beach

At Lakolk beach you can take your car all the way to the water and park for a swim. Lakolk beach is the most visited beach on Romo.



Sønderstrand is the widest beach and offers many activities such as Kitebuggy, Blokart, kite surfing and Horseback Riding.


Rømø-Sylt Ferry

From the port city on Rømø you can take the ferry to Sylt, which is the unique way you can take your car to Sylt.

National Museum Commander's Farm


The National Museum's Commander's Farm is one of Rømø's rich old family farms - fully furnished in both housing and longer.

lakolk shopping center

Lakolk Shopping Center

Lakolk shopping mall is an experience in itself, The whole environment is full of fun and holiday.

Aussenansicht _-_ Sankt_Clemens_Kirke_ (Romo)

Sct. Clemens Church

Rømø Church was originally built in the 13th century, but was greatly expanded in the 1600s to the 1700s as prosperity on the island grew.

Things to see in the Wadden Sea

Bathing on the "almost infinite beach"

The beach at Romo is not a regular beach, it is so big that the beach is up to 3km wide. It also means that when there is low tide, you can go very far into the water before you can bottom anymore


Lakolk Shopping Center

Lakolk shopping mall is an experience in itself, The whole environment is full of fun and holiday, you quickly feel that all employees are keen to give the guests at Lakolk a good experience


Havneby is a cozy town on Romo where you will find everything the tourist heart desires. Here the old industrial port, shopping opportunities and good eateries.

Feel the tide

One thing to try is to be in the Wadden Sea when the tide changes. There is something magical about being able to feel the water pull in over your feet, and witness as the water level rises as it does every single day.


An old Commander's farm on Rømø, which today is transformed into a nature center, which organizes many different and exciting events.





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