The inn

We have room for 120 dining guests, both for family parties, lunch, dinner, weddings, confirmations, birthdays and company parties. At the same time, we offer weekend stays and overnight stays in double rooms. Originally, the Inn, which was built before the year 1900, was used as an assembly hall. Since then, it has been converted into an inn, and renovated several times, but kept in the original style. At Kroen, we are inspired by the area around Mandø, which provides peace, relaxation and time for fun. We strive to continue Kroen's charm with good Danish chrome food specially chosen for the area.


We offer à la carte, with i.a. a herring plate or a beautiful shooting star that can be enjoyed for lunch. Tonight we offer good Danish chroma food such as schnitzels, fried plaice or steaks, and for the children we have creative children's dishes. In addition, we carry local beers from our own brewery. (Lunch buffet will not be served in 2020.)

Opening hours

May 1 - October 17, 2020

Mandø Kro is open according to the tractor bus timetable.

July 1 - August 16

In addition to the inn, it is open in the summer from 10:00 to 22:00 Tuesday-Saturday.

Visitors to Mandø always get an experience with them, with large swarms of birds and a tranquility that gives peace of mind. We help create the best atmosphere for your lunch, dinner, wedding, confirmation, birthday or company party. Evening reservation required in low season on tel. 61665675.

Timetable 2020 for the tractor bus

About us

B&B Mandø is a cozy and beautiful place to spend your holiday in Mandø. Here you can both stay and have a good experience, with some of the activities offered by B&B Mandø.


B&B Mandø offers rooms of different sizes:

The tour ferry - Mandøpigen

Book a sailing trip in a class of its own - experience the seals, oysters and birds of the Wadden Sea up close

We have many different trips, and if you are a group, we would be happy to help with a package that suits you. 

The Mandøpigen tour ferry can accommodate 12 guests on board 

Baltic Safari is a trip of approx. 4 hours duration. We sail out to the oyster banks in the Wadden Sea, along the way we stop at the sandbanks where we know that the seals tend to rest / sunbathe. At a suitable distance there will be good opportunity to see / film the seals.

We have waders, buckets and knives for everyone, so we can get off the boat and pick oysters at the oyster bank. Back on the boat you can taste your fresh oysters, and we serve a glass of bubbles.

Seal Safari is a trip of approx. 3 hours duration. We sail out into the Wadden Sea to the sandbanks where we know that the seals tend to rest / sunbathe. At a suitable distance there will be good opportunity to see / film the seals. Seals are curious and will often swim very close to the boat.

Island hop is a trip of approx. 2 hours. The trip always goes to or from Mandø - with Ribe Kammersluse or Juvre on Rømø as another port. It is free and obvious to take bikes on this trip.




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