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The border route takes you from the western point of Højer to the eastern point of Flensburg.

The route takes you past beautiful views by the Wadden Sea, Marsh, Tønder, Germany, padborg, kruså and ends in Flensburg.

On the trip, you cross the border in 13 places spread over 130 km.

The West Coast Route

560 km - Rudbøl, Skagen

Denmark's national cycle route 1 - The West Coast route runs along the sea, forest and fjord, the Danish North Sea coast and UNESCO's World Heritage Wadden Sea. It is one of Denmark's longest signposted cycling routes and goes through some of the most beautiful and varied nature in Denmark.

It takes the cyclist through the marshes, moors and forests and over the dunes; past the fjords and through two national parks in Thy and the Wadden Sea as well as the Natural Park of the North Sea, and it passes through several cities such as Denmark's oldest city, Ribe. 

In short - no other national cycling route holds such great contrasts as the West Coast route.

The West Coast Route is a 560 km long story about man, nature and the sea. A story about life on the terms of nature. 

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There are relatively many eagles, falcons, hawks and hawks in the marsh and around the Wadden Sea National Park. The birds of prey are here in search of both the many migratory birds and also overwintering birds and small mammals - an eternal battle for life and death. The trip begins in Margrethe-Kog, and Black Safari takes you to where there are most birds of prey. Along the way, the birds' way of life and the special nature here in Denmark's largest national park are told.

Admission: DKK 165 adults, DKK 95 children max. 13 years

Location: Slusevej 27, Højer

Birgitte valentin is a local artist in Højer, who also rents out rooms for overnight stays.


In addition to her paintings, she is also a sculptor.

Opening hours: 1 March - 31 October
Open daily from 11 - 17
November 1 - February 29
Wednesday - Sunday: 12-17

Holidays & Accommodation

1 double bedroom

1 double bedroom with extra bed for 2 people

Shared dining kitchen
Both rooms with desk, internet and television.

1 person - 1 night 350 DKK
2 persons - 1 night 550 DKK
Extra bed for children and adults 150 DKK
Children under two years - Free

The church is open Monday - Friday during normal business hours or by appointment for inspection and personal service.

December, January and February the church is open by appointment

Church History

Perhaps Højer Church is the first and oldest church, the oldest part of the church dates from around 1100. Originally the church consisted of a nave, chancel and apse, but later it was removed. Where probably the cross arms, tower and porch were added during the 15th century.

Distance: 54 km.

On the 54 km long hiking route, you will experience the very special marsh landscape. A landscape that seems wild and unmanageable, but designed in every detail - shaped by human life with and against the water.

On the marsh trail you can feel the wind and see the flat landscape, with nature and especially birds, as far as the eye can see.

The weather makes the experience of the marsh different from day to day, and as the locals say:

"Our main attraction is the sky."

On the trail you will find everything from dikes and pumping stations to marshlands, canals and lakes with unique nature and bird life.

At the edge of the marsh you pass through a number of peculiar cities. Barrels, Møgeltønder and Höjar are located on the Guest. Rudbøl and Norremølle are the only cities built on dykes in Denmark.

The marsh trail is a tramp path where you mostly walk on grass. The marsh trail is cut as needed in the period from May to October, but there are differences between the stretches and the number of steps on the trail, so that high vegetation can occur.

practical information

The marsh trail is a walking route. On parts of the trail you walk on dykes,
in the Wadden Sea National Park and in UNESCO World Heritage and thus
through some protected natural areas.
Therefore, observe the signage along the way. The route is different
course, depending on the season, so as not to disturb the birds during the breeding season.

- It is not allowed to go outside the route in the protected area
natural areas.
- It is not allowed to ride and cycle on the route.
- Dogs should always be kept on a leash.

• WASTE BAGS - Take your waste with you. A big part
of the marsh trail is in protected area. Therefore, there is not
always a trash can right nearby.
• WATER BOTTLE - There are some water items along the route,
where you can fill up your water bottle.
• FOOD PACKAGE - There may well be far between places to eat.
So bring a packed lunch to reach that little hunger
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Individual tours of the Wadden Sea National Park

Experience the birds with me - a certified bird guide in boats

the German and Danish Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea is a large pantry for the approx. 15 million migratory birds, which are kept in the region every spring and autumn to feed themselves. Here is enough to take off, because on every square meter of wad there are up to 100,000 shrimp, worms, snails and mussels.


You can drive with your own car or with me depending on the number of people.

The cars will all be equipped with walkie talkies.

There are tours that require you to go well and tours where everyone can join.


The Marskhotellet and Hotel Høger are merged under the Marskhotellet.

In practice, this means that Hotel Höjer as an annex for the Marskhotellet during periods of full occupancy at the Marskhotellet.
During periods of low bookings, Hotel Høger has been closed down for normal operation. Hotel Höjer can be booked by groups of up to 18 people all year round.


At Marskhotellet there is a check-in from 7 am. 14:00 and departure before 11:00. 10:00 unless otherwise agreed. The hotel is a Self Check-in Hotel, which means it is also possible for you to check in even if it is late. Before arrival you will receive a code sent by mail and mobile phone. The code you use to get the key for your apartment. 

The system is simple and straightforward, BUT if you need help during check-in, you just call +45 50403060.


From February 20 to October 27 (as well as black sun days)
Breakfast consists of: rolls, French bread, rye bread, butter, at least 2 kinds of butchers, 3 kinds of cheese, jam, cucumber, tomato, pepper, fruit, yogurt, soft-boiled eggs, milk, juice, coffee and tea. Served from 7 p.m. 8:00 to 9:30 on weekdays and 8:00 to 10:00 on weekends.
Groups of 8 people are offered breakfast all year round. Breakfast can be ordered from 07:00. 7:00 if you need to.
If there are less than 10 people for breakfast, breakfast is served on the tables.

Price per person. per. day: 99, -
Children under 10 eat free.


In my workshop, gallery and shop you can experience and buy real crafts. At the workshop we make use of things and decorations - I work with weaving, knitting, watercolor and drawing.

Furthermore, I have a production of fur products in the beautiful fur from Gothic fur sheep.

The shop also sells materials, so you can make my own designs and sell products from talented colleagues here. You are welcome all year - my closest neighbor and great source of inspiration is the Wadden Sea National Park.

This is a "both" and "bike ride." In bicycles both in Denmark and Germany. You both see the story of the hardworking
farmers in the Tønder marsh and the history of the impressive royal mansion, Schackenborg. And the bike ride goes through both the small peaceful villages and to Denmark's oldest market town, Tønder, with trade and activity.

The tour is described here based on the Tønder Art Museum (1), but you can start anywhere. Østergade, which is the pedestrian street in Tønder, is highly recommended despite the fact that you have to pull the bike. Here you will find, among other things, Tønder-Romo Tourist Association (2) and several restaurants and cafes.

At the railway track, follow the cycle path to Plantagevej, which leads out of Tønder. The tour now goes towards the former comforts of Hans Royal Highness Prince Joakim in the form of Schackenborg Castle (3), which is located in Denmark's most beautiful village, Møgeltønder. With high ceilings, close to marsh and sea, Møgeltønder lies and most of all resembles an adventure with the beautiful cobbled castle street.

On the road north of Møllevej you see the signs towards Slotfeldt (4). In the fantastic barn there is an exhibition about the Golden Horns found here and about the history of the area. Trade and operation are characterized by Höjer (5), which offers two unique sausage factories, Höjer Sausser and Marsk Sausser. It may be difficult to choose, but the purchase can be enjoyed at Höjer Mill, which since 1857 has served as a landmark for the city. Just south of Höjer you can take a detour to Höjer Sluse (1 km) or Vidå Sluse (2 km).

The barrel marsh (6) is an impressive sight. Sky and sea and Denmark's largest meadow of approx. 2500 hectares. Here is a rich wildlife, and with quiet pedal turns you can enjoy both the sound of the many birds and the sight of lambs grazing peacefully in the beautiful surroundings.
At the end of Siltoftvej lies the old border crossing between Denmark and Germany (7). The road is followed to the German side, where the route goes along narrow roads towards Rosenkranz / Rudbøl (8). At this historic border crossing, people of all ages have been photographed by a historic stone in the road. By standing with scattered legs in the middle of the stone, one stands with one leg in Denmark and one leg in Germany. On the Danish side of the border at Rudbøl Lake (9) a well-deserved rest can be taken on the benches by the lake shore.

The view invites relaxation and immersion, and you easily forget that the legs have already passed many kilometers. The new forces can now be used on the road to Møgeltønder, where there is often a fresh wind. In Møgeltønder it is recommended to take around the Reunion Stone (10) from 1939 before the walk along Villegårdsvej and then tramp past ECCO (11) before Tønder reappears. The beautiful market town of Tønder is perfect for relaxing after a long and eventful day. Here, there are plenty of opportunities to quench the thirst or get hungry, while observing the city's beautiful buildings.




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