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The church in Bredebro is located on the bypass road around the bridge and stands beautifully on an elevation above the broad river.

Inside the church you will find beautiful paintings from the 17th century and a large beautiful church ship.

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Monday-Wednesday: 10am - 4pm
Thursday: 10am - 5pm


Fishing licenses can be purchased at

Ballum Slusekro. Phone. 74 75 11 79
Henning Klint , Brogade 1, 6261 Bredebro. Phone. 74 71 17 96
Den gamle Kro, Brogade 10, 6261 Bredebro. Phone. 74 71 12 09
Wells Hunting and Fishing, Jernbanegade 1clean hunting & outdoorer.


The river, which flows into the Wadden Sea at Ballum Sluse and winds its way through Løgumkloster to Bredebro, is an Eldorado for anglers. The river catches sea trout, some salmon, brook trout and stables. Brede Å has been heavily regulated in the past, but during the 1990s a new twisted course of more than 20 km. Here are really good chances to make a good catch especially in salmon fish.

Season: March 1 - October 31.

Rules for fishing in Brede Å

Provisions for fishing in the association's waters:

  1. The general conservation period for Brede-Aa with adjacent streams is November 1st through April 15th.
  2. Do not fish with barbs and only with one hook per boat. line, single, double or wooden hook.
  3. Fishing with natural bait or bait with fragrances is only allowed on single hooks without barbs. However, when using bait, other hook types with barbs must be used when fishing with a single hook size 12 or a smaller hook. The hook gap on single hooks with barbs must not exceed 6 mm measured from the hook tip and perpendicular to the hook shaft
  4. The use of string, rope and yarn is not allowed.
  5. Sub-target Fish must be discarded.
  6. Only 5 trout fish can be fetched daily.
  7. You may only fish with 1 rod per day. person. However, eel fishing with rod can, for each member, take place with up to 3 rods within a distance of 6 meters.
  8. Parking in fields or in the field is prohibited.
  9. Damage to crops, fences, etc. occurs under fines and liability.
  10. Be courteous and considerate to landlords. Respect posted prohibition signs.
  11. The fishing license is personal, and must not be transferred to others, the card must be carried by fishing in the association's water.
  12. You are required to present catches and fishing licenses at the request of both landowners, anglers and the association's supervisors.
  13. Dogs must not be brought in during fishing.
  14. Bait fish not caught in the Brede-Aa system may not be used for fishing in the river, nor shall shrimp or roe be used.
  15. Only 1 salmon may be collected per person / fisherman per year, all additional salmon catches must be discarded.
  16. For Brede-Aa and Lobæk ( A - Stykket), when Brede-Aa Lystfiskerforening has received information that 22 salmon over 75 cm have been brought home, all catches of salmon over 75 cm must be discarded. And when it is stated that 22 salmon of 75 cm or less have been brought home, all catches of salmon must be discarded.
    For other Brede-Aa water systems, upstream of Lobæk ( B - Stykket), it applies that when Brede-Aa Lystfiskerforening has received information that 4 salmon have been brought home, all catches of salmon must be discarded.
  17. Salmon catches (taken home or discarded) must be reported to the association by 24.00 on the same day This can be done by letter, e-mail or by reporting via the association's website

Conservation periods

Periods and minimum dimensions 

Salmon - November 1 to April 15 - 40 cm

Sea trout - November 1 to April 15 - 40 cm

Brown Trout - November 1 to April 15 - 30 cm

Stalling – totally protected 

Whitefish - November 1 to April 15 - 50 cm

Pike - November 1 to April 30 - 60 cm

Zander - May 1 to May 31 - 50 cm

Yellow eel - 45 cm

European sprat – totally protected 

ECCO's exhibition on the worldwide shoe company can experience the Bredebro right next to their headquarters. Æ Laut was established when the company had 50 years in 2013. The exhibition tells about ECCO's history, values ​​and developments in technology, design and production.

Æ laut is housed in the black wooden building, at Toosbuys Torv. The name "Æ laut" is a Southern German word meaning loft, which can then be translated to "Upstairs" or "the Loft" in English.

The exhibition is an interactive exhibition that takes you on a learning experience in shoe and leather production.


Tours are booked through ECCO Visitor Service at: or mobile +45 2373 1167

Trøjborg Slotsruin is located approximately 12 km north of Tønder in Visby in southern Jutland. The name Trøjborg is probably derived from the Greek Troja.

The castle was built in the 1300s on a 30 × 30 m bank. In 1347, Trøjborg is mentioned in a letter from Duke Valdemar of Southern Jutland as Duke Valdemar Atterdag's castle. In 1407 it came into the possession of Queen Margaret, but later it was mortgaged to Ribe diocese.

After the Reformation in Denmark in 1536, the clergy were granted the crown, and King Frederick II transferred the castle to Daniel Rantzau as a thank you for his profits in the war against the Swedes. Around 1580, Peter Rantzau demolished the original medieval castle to erect a Renaissance castle on the site instead. When the Rantzau genus became extinct in 1658, the castle slowly decayed.

In the first half of the 19th century Johan Ferdinand de Neergaard was the owner. In 1851, Trøjborg was purchased by farmer Knud Lausten Knudsen, who had plans to set up a teacher's seminary on the site, but when these plans were not realized, the castle was demolished in 1854. Parts of the south wall and basement have been preserved.




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