A town close to the West Coast and the Wadden Sea

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Opening hours

Opening hours 01.10 - 31.03
Wednesday to Sunday: The inn is open from 11am - 10pm
Monday and Tuesday closed
January closed

Opening hours 01.04 - 30.09
Tuesday to Sunday: The inn is open from 11am - 10pm
Monday closed

Overnight at Ballum Slusekro

We have 5 nice and cozy rooms.
4 double rooms and one single room. 
All with private toilet and bath.

All prices include TV, wireless internet, breakfast and parking. 30.7


Check-in time 4 pm to 9 pm
Check-out no later than 10:00

Upon later arrival
please call before 1 p.m. 21.00 to (45) 60 72 01 77

The restaurant

Ballum Slusekro offers good old-fashioned Danish food.
On the menu you will find dishes inspired from ancient times and prepared with the same love as it has always been through all genres

About Ballum Slusekro

Ballum Slusekro was erected in the midst of this beautiful nature 1914 - 1915 in connection with the construction of the ballum dike. The property, which at first was both a tavern and the residence of the lock master, was until the end of 1993 a holding tavern. It quickly became a tradition that the inn should be the target for the meetings of the dig team, and that has not been changed. As then, there is still accommodation available, and old-fashioned traditional Danish food is served in the inn. Bon appetite.

Hotel Ballumhus

Located in the midst of the beautiful, expansive landscape with the Wadden Sea National Park as the nearest neighbor and central to the area's major cities, sights and attractions, Hotel Ballumhus is a good choice, whether you are a holidaymaker or a business traveler.

The place is an obvious base for those who want to experience the magnificent scenery of Denmark's largest national park, be close to Northern Europe's best bathing beach or take exciting all-day trips north and south of the border. The hotel has a wealth of offers for those who want an active stay in the otherwise quiet surroundings.

Hotel Ballumhus has 55 newly refurbished and inviting non-smoking rooms, and the dedicated team behind the hotel will ensure a comfortable and stay. The hotel has its own restaurant and bar, Wi-Fi and parking is available directly at the hotel. It offers tranquility and relaxation outside the stress zone of daily life.


A selection of comfortable rooms

Hotel Ballumhus has 55 newly refurbished and inviting non-smoking rooms.

All rooms are equipped with flat screen TVs and a small TV package, as well as free high-speed wifi.

The hotel offers free parking to all guests.

In the middle of Ballum's main street is an active and exciting café.

Visit Ballum's Cafee and join one of theirs events.

Happy Hour:

Every 1st Friday of the month they have HAPPY HOUR between 16: 00-17: 00. If you buy drinks where you also get selected snacks in the bargain.


They are celebrating J-Day in 2020. Where you can enjoy a delicious Christmas beer from 7 p.m. 17:00 + J-Day menu:

Beef burger incl. Beer Price. DKK 79 (order needed)

Ballum camping

Welcome to our quiet and wind protected nature campsite at the Wadden Sea National Park. Our campsite is only 20 Minutes from Romo with Northern Europe's widest sandy beach. The campsite is located in the middle of beautiful marshland, a paradise for birdwatchers, not far from the historic towns of Tønder, Møgeltønder and Ribe.

Holidays & Accommodation


Ballum Camping is located just outside the town of Ballum, between meadow and field. Cities with different attractions are close by, and Romo, Mandø and Legoland Billund are also not far away.

Hiking and cycling

Our campsite is in a beautiful area with many hiking opportunities. Are you more into cycling ?: The North Sea Cycle route leads directly past our campsite.


We love dogs and our dogs are always on holiday. We have noticed that it is often difficult to find a campsite where dogs are welcome or can participate at a fair price. That's why your dog is very welcome here at Ballum Camping. (Maximum 2 dogs per seat, multiple dogs on request.)

In the cabins and safari tents you can of course also bring your dog (Max. 1 dog). Outside the campsite there are many hiking opportunities.


“Camping in the winter, it's not for me at all. Cold bathroom, no living room, no thanks. ”This mindset has many people before trying winter camping with us.

We are not like the others - our bathroom is heated, in the living room you will find a TV, a wood stove and sofas.

WiFi is available throughout.

Also in the winter months, the Wadden Sea is a very beautiful landscape and is not without reason part of UNESCO's cultural and natural heritage. The diverse animal world, especially during the winter months, is a great experience for photographers and nature lovers.

If the weather makes it possible and there is snow on the wide marshland, you have the opportunity to take wonderful walks.

Try our winter camping at Ballum Camping.

We welcome you.

You can hand feed all parrots

Right next to the wadden sea in southern Jutland lies Denmark's first parrot country, which is filled with the beautiful and social parrots from all over the world. Here you can experience many different parrots - both big and small, and you can meet the very talkative parrots here.


Day ticket with feed 60, - kr.

Children 0-3 years: Free



In the southern Jutland town of Ballum you can play Football Golf.

Do you dare to challenge your friends, family, colleagues or maybe your neighbors? We have the track if you fancy! Try playing Football Golf where everyone can participate regardless of age and physical condition and experience a fun way to be together. Find a pair of stuck shoes (soccer boots NOT allowed) and with a ball you will experience a few hours of fun getting the ball in the hole with the fewest kicks on the beautifully situated 18 hole course with exciting obstacles.


We offer Black Sun, Trin Bot, Hent Tidevandet, Springstage, Østersture, Snapseture, local guided tours


A Black Sun tour takes approx. 2 hours depending on where the starlings are. These tours are arranged on an ongoing basis. Arranged for groups, families and individuals.


Step Bot is an old local tradition that, in all its simplicity, is simply about going into the water to pick up the scrubs and plaques that one steps on. But it's not that simple now ...
If you notice something under your feet that is peeling, do not lift your feet, but step in so that you can pick up the fish…


Join us in the wadden sea experience. We visit the oyster banks, where you can gather for your own consumption. If we are lucky, we also see seals. You can also collect edible herbs and Saltwort


Learn to skip the trenches in the marsh. If you do not master the technique, you risk getting a little wet.
A possible challenge at a bachelor party.


Join us to get oysters. On the oyster banks you have to collect oysters for your own consumption. They can be eaten raw, but we can also make a barbecue available. Erhardt is a specialist in opening a bottle of champagne with a saber…


Go along to find herbs by the Wadden Sea to put in snaps (hard liquor) and vodka. Herbs that can cure almost anything! Also opportunities for tasting ...


Meeting point: At the Vadehavssmedjen, Bunti 18

After a short visit to the smithy, we go exploring in and around the Wadden Sea. Price: 300 kr / hour

This is a "both" and "bike ride." In bicycles both in Denmark and Germany. You both see the story of the hardworking
farmers in the Tønder marsh and the history of the impressive royal mansion, Schackenborg. And the bike ride goes through both the small peaceful villages and to Denmark's oldest market town, Tønder, with trade and activity.

The tour is described here based on the Tønder Art Museum (1), but you can start anywhere. Østergade, which is the pedestrian street in Tønder, is highly recommended despite the fact that you have to pull the bike. Here you will find, among other things, Tønder-Romo Tourist Association (2) and several restaurants and cafes.

At the railway track, follow the cycle path to Plantagevej, which leads out of Tønder. The tour now goes towards the former comforts of Hans Royal Highness Prince Joakim in the form of Schackenborg Castle (3), which is located in Denmark's most beautiful village, Møgeltønder. With high ceilings, close to marsh and sea, Møgeltønder lies and most of all resembles an adventure with the beautiful cobbled castle street.

On the road north of Møllevej you see the signs towards Slotfeldt (4). In the fantastic barn there is an exhibition about the Golden Horns found here and about the history of the area. Trade and operation are characterized by Höjer (5), which offers two unique sausage factories, Höjer Sausser and Marsk Sausser. It may be difficult to choose, but the purchase can be enjoyed at Höjer Mill, which since 1857 has served as a landmark for the city. Just south of Höjer you can take a detour to Höjer Sluse (1 km) or Vidå Sluse (2 km).

The barrel marsh (6) is an impressive sight. Sky and sea and Denmark's largest meadow of approx. 2500 hectares. Here is a rich wildlife, and with quiet pedal turns you can enjoy both the sound of the many birds and the sight of lambs grazing peacefully in the beautiful surroundings.
At the end of Siltoftvej lies the old border crossing between Denmark and Germany (7). The road is followed to the German side, where the route goes along narrow roads towards Rosenkranz / Rudbøl (8). At this historic border crossing, people of all ages have been photographed by a historic stone in the road. By standing with scattered legs in the middle of the stone, one stands with one leg in Denmark and one leg in Germany. On the Danish side of the border at Rudbøl Lake (9) a well-deserved rest can be taken on the benches by the lake shore.

The view invites relaxation and immersion, and you easily forget that the legs have already passed many kilometers. The new forces can now be used on the road to Møgeltønder, where there is often a fresh wind. In Møgeltønder it is recommended to take around the Reunion Stone (10) from 1939 before the walk along Villegårdsvej and then tramp past ECCO (11) before Tønder reappears. The beautiful market town of Tønder is perfect for relaxing after a long and eventful day. Here, there are plenty of opportunities to quench the thirst or get hungry, while observing the city's beautiful buildings.

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