Monday, December 2, 2019 19:30

Intimate Christmas concert with European Melody Grand Prix winner Emmelie de Forest, who with a voice of format presents the audience for some of the most beautiful Christmas hymns and for songs with sound and presence.

Since Emmelie as a child sang Christmas concerts in the local village church, she has dreamed of singing Christmas concerts again, so it is a dream come true 2019.

Emmelie loves Christmas: “For me, Christmas is a bright spot in the dark. I experience a very special joy and life affirming mood that I would like to share with the audience through Christmas songs that really touch my heart. Christmas is all about heart warmth and charity - and I want us to remember that in the midst of Christmas and gift shopping. ”

At concerts in smaller venues, a very special presence is created with the audience: "I get to have eye contact with everyone during a concert, and it's very intimate," Emmelie says.

She looks forward to sharing Christmas's loving message in songs like "A Rose So I Shoot", "Lovely Is The Earth", "It's Cold Out" and "When You See A Star Shot" as well as some of the biggest American Christmas carols spiced with a completely reinterpreted version of "Only Teardrops". At the Christmas concerts, Emmelie is accompanied by a trio.

Danish Emmelie de Forest (born 1993 in Randers) is probably most famous for singing into the hearts of Danes when she won the Eurovision Song Contest (European Melody Grandprix) back in 2013, but she is also a recognized songwriter who, in addition to the songs for his own albums, also written for other artists. Following the Eurovision Song Contest victory, Emmelie and her orchestra toured in a.k.a. Europe, USA and China.

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The old "Security North" is the fortification line that was built by the Germans in northern Germany, which today is Denmark. Security position North was built in the years 1916-1918 to protect Germany against attacks from the north. Hedging position North extends across present-day South Jutland. From the east by Hoptrup, to Skærbæk in the west. 800 bunkers were built across southern Jutland, these are the remains of those you can see and explore.

After the reunification in 1920, most of the security position North was destroyed, but some of them have been preserved and are seen and experienced. Below you can see a map of Fuse North and where there is still the opportunity to experience some of the old fuse.


NB. The pictures are from Gammelskov battery in Agerskov.

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