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Welcome to Danhostel Rømø

Rømø Hostel is decorated in a red-painted thatched commander's yard dating back to the 17th century.

The hostel is located on a quiet and idyllic free area close to the Wadden Sea on the southeast side of the island.

The farm has been a hostel since 1948. The command room, where you can enjoy your breakfast, is still covered with Dutch tiles and painted panels as has been the custom on the island.

The hostel comprises 22 rooms - furnished with 2, 3 or 4 beds.

The hostel is a very cozy place where there is the possibility of accommodation for tourists, camp schools, associations, courses and family gatherings. Rømø's wonderful beaches are perfect for swimming, surfing, buggy driving, beach sailing, kite flying, beach volleyball, exercise, running trips and much more.

The island is suitable for cycling trips for nature lovers and those who are interested in art and culture.

Rømø is centrally located in relation to the cities of Skærbæk, Ribe and Tønder.

All our rooms have their own bathroom. We have 5 double rooms with double bed and own TV. We have a large living room with new furniture, a nice activity room with billiards, table tennis, darts, as well as a sofa environment for wonderful relaxation.
The kitchen can offer all the meals of the day and if you have a special wish we will find out.
We also have a really good Kitchen where your own food can be stored and cooked.

When you stay with us there is FREE access to a large beautiful swimming pool with slide, children's and hot water pool.

It is all a 5-minute walk from Tønder Torv and the pleasant pedestrian street.

So welcome to Danhostel Tønder - we look forward to seeing you.


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