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Where to shop in Rømø-Tønder

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On Rømø you will find a wide trade life with many places to shop for example. one can go to Lakolk, where there is a nice selection of different shops. Also, Havneby is worth a visit.

Christmas town - Tønder

Denmark's friendliest Christmas town opens again this year. The Christmas town offers beautiful decoration and lighting through the pedestrian zone and a sea of nice shops. Especially for the Christmas month are the little cottages that have moved into the square. In the cabins there is a fine selection of crafts and in addition traditional Danish food and drink can be purchased.

Popular in Tønder


Toosbuys Torv

The Ecco shop, Café shoes, Lego shop and Klint - Hunting & leisure

Barrels Peat-1600px

Tønder Gågade

Take a stroll down Tonders pedestrian street, where you will find cafes, restaurants and lots of shopping opportunities. Take for example. on our sightseeing trip.


Lakolk Shopping Center

Lakolk shopping center is the central place for shopping and eating when you go on holiday on Romo. Here you will find a nice promenade with shops facing the street. There are also good parking options.


Havneby shopping center

Here you will find shopping, shops, bike rental and good restaurants.

Rømø & Tønder - Map of Southern Jutland

Lakolk Shopping Center

A beautiful place to eat, shop and have fun with the family

Havneby shopping center

Shopping, shopping and food

Toosbuys peat

The Ecco shop, Café shoes, Lego shop and hunting and leisure.

Barrels the pedestrian street

a sea of shops and eateries


A city that has a varied commercial life and the Skærbæk center

We still supply Rømø Oysters

Despite the situation, we still ship Rømø Oysters throughout Denmark.

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