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An extended weekend at one of Tonder's fine hotels, or maybe a week's vacation with the family at Rømø - The possibilities are many when you visit Rømø-Tønder area and it is definitely worth a visit.

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Overnight stay in Tønder and Romo

An extended weekend at one of Tonder's fine hotels, or maybe a week's vacation with the family on Rømø. There are many opportunities when you visit Rømø-Tønder area and it is definitely worth a visit.

Accommodation Tønder

If you are one of those who take a trip across the border for cheap sweets and sodas or if you have driven the long way down to the border to see the beautiful art of black Sun in the sky in the fall - why not do something extra out of the trip and treat yourself and your better half with an overnight stay at one of Tonder's fine hotels.

Or if you're taken to Tønder for a look Barrels Christmas Town, why not be an extra day or two where you and your family can really get into the Christmas spirit.
There is a wealth of opportunities and things to do in Tønder city and surrounding area, for both children and adults at all times of the year.
If you choose to spend one or more nights in Tønder, there are a number of things you just have to see when you are in and around the city.
The Old Pharmacy is a very special attraction and a must-see when visiting the city. The store is located in the square in Tønder, and all year round it is a gathering place for the magic and nostalgia associated with our traditional holidays and other anniversaries.

Wadden Sea National Park

Or maybe you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city - then we have the perfect place where you can relax completely and where nature is really the focus. A little outside of Tønder lies the Wadden Sea National Park and it is world class Danish nature. Here is a spectacular wildlife, and the significance of the area extends far beyond Denmark's borders. National Park and World Heritage Wadden Sea extending from the Danish-German border and all the way up the west coast. Here you come close to a really beautiful part of the amazing nature.

The wind is buzzing all around you and you can almost taste the salt of the sea in the air. The Wadden Sea National Park is always worth a visit if you like peace and quiet and large open spaces. Always high to the sky, close to nature, lots of birds and always a new horizon to look at - whether it's cold and windy or summer and sunshine. And once you are here, you do not want to leave again at all. Therefore, we would suggest you to spend one or more nights Romo, located right in the center of the Wadden Sea.

Accommodation Rømø

Or maybe your family and you just need a few days off where you can really relax and enjoy each other and nature. Then Romo is the perfect place to find one or more nights. And if you choose to take one or more nights at Romo, then so be it Lakolk Beach worth a visit. Here you will find a bathing beach, most of all reminiscent of Denmark's widest motorway, with the entire 2 km coastal area where the family can really relax in the summer months. Here you can park as close to the sea as possible, so you can easily find a place at the water's edge, where there is time for fun for the whole family. For example, you can set up kites, build beautiful sand castles or play ball, all while the warm North Sea air is buzzing around you, making the trip to the beach quite unique.

That is why there is a sea of possibilities fun and beautiful nature, whether on your own, on a two-man hand or with the whole family. And whether you are in town or country, Rømø-Tønder has a lot to offer - and There are many possibilities for accommodation. Then grab one look at the map above, and find an accommodation in Tønder or Rømø, where you just want to enjoy a few well-deserved days off.





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