Our Romo Oysters are known for a fantastic fresh taste and a meat filling that we have not seen anywhere else. It is not farmed, but a pure and wild wildlife product.

About us

Our customers say our oysters are in a class all to themselves - and we understand that well.

With the fresh seawater of the Wadden Sea as a source of food, and nature's fascinating shift between river and ebb, the large, beautiful wild oysters in the Wadden Sea around Rømø are thriving. The species is also called Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) and as the name indicates, it is an invasive species. In fact, it thrives so well in the fresh sea around Romo that it eventually poses a threat to our native species, including mussels, which constitute an essential food base for the many bird species that live in the Wadden Sea area.  

Rømø Shellfish A / S has built a very gentle project, where we collect Rømø Oysters in the Wadden Sea and at the best banks in the Wadden Sea around Rømø. 

At low tide we gently assemble the best and most meaty oysters, and then in small boats we sail them directly home to our expedition center, where they are carefully placed in our basins with running seawater. The fresh seawater from the Wadden Sea contains all the nutrients naturally derived from the oysters.

In this way we deliver the world's best Romo Oysters, while contributing to a healthier balance in the Wadden Sea by reducing an invasive species.

About us

B&B Mandø is a cozy and beautiful place to spend your holiday in Mandø. Here you can both stay and have a good experience, with some of the activities offered by B&B Mandø.


B&B Mandø offers rooms of different sizes:

The tour ferry - Mandøpigen

Book a sailing trip in a class of its own - experience the seals, oysters and birds of the Wadden Sea up close

We have many different trips, and if you are a group, we would be happy to help with a package that suits you. 

The Mandøpigen tour ferry can accommodate 12 guests on board 

Baltic Safari is a trip of approx. 4 hours duration. We sail out to the oyster banks in the Wadden Sea, along the way we stop at the sandbanks where we know that the seals tend to rest / sunbathe. At a suitable distance there will be good opportunity to see / film the seals.

We have waders, buckets and knives for everyone, so we can get off the boat and pick oysters at the oyster bank. Back on the boat you can taste your fresh oysters, and we serve a glass of bubbles.

Seal Safari is a trip of approx. 3 hours duration. We sail out into the Wadden Sea to the sandbanks where we know that the seals tend to rest / sunbathe. At a suitable distance there will be good opportunity to see / film the seals. Seals are curious and will often swim very close to the boat.

Island hop is a trip of approx. 2 hours. The trip always goes to or from Mandø - with Ribe Kammersluse or Juvre on Rømø as another port. It is free and obvious to take bikes on this trip.


We offer Black Sun, Trin Bot, Hent Tidevandet, Springstage, Østersture, Snapseture, local guided tours


A Black Sun tour takes approx. 2 hours depending on where the starlings are. These tours are arranged on an ongoing basis. Arranged for groups, families and individuals.


Step Bot is an old local tradition that, in all its simplicity, is simply about going into the water to pick up the scrubs and plaques that one steps on. But it's not that simple now ...
If you notice something under your feet that is peeling, do not lift your feet, but step in so that you can pick up the fish…


Join us in the wadden sea experience. We visit the oyster banks, where you can gather for your own consumption. If we are lucky, we also see seals. You can also collect edible herbs and Saltwort


Learn to skip the trenches in the marsh. If you do not master the technique, you risk getting a little wet.
A possible challenge at a bachelor party.


Join us to get oysters. On the oyster banks you have to collect oysters for your own consumption. They can be eaten raw, but we can also make a barbecue available. Erhardt is a specialist in opening a bottle of champagne with a saber…


Go along to find herbs by the Wadden Sea to put in snaps (hard liquor) and vodka. Herbs that can cure almost anything! Also opportunities for tasting ...


Meeting point: At the Vadehavssmedjen, Bunti 18

After a short visit to the smithy, we go exploring in and around the Wadden Sea. Price: 300 kr / hour

The nature center Tønnisgård is located in an old thatched Kommandergården, which oozes culture and nature.

Here you can visit the new exhibition about the nature between the Wadden Sea and the North Sea.

All year round we offer many different fun and exciting tours / activities for children and adults of all ages - from shrimp fishing on the beach to eastern walks in the Wadden Sea.

At the center you can sign up and buy tickets for all activities.



High quality nature and culture tours with guide. As an example you can go with the Black Sun, White Sun (tens of thousands of swans), boating in the German Wadden Sea, Seal Safari, Castle Safari, Helgoland Safari, Oyster Safari, Drams Safari, Swan Safari, Goose and much more.

At land
Here on the vast grasslands, sandy banks and glittering mudflats, fascinating experiences await as we replace the safari jeep with bus and comfort, and take on great experiences in a unique nature and an exciting cultural landscape where nature is constantly changing.

At water
Here, where the wild animals lurk beneath the surface or are buried in the mud, great experiences await when we replace the SAFARI canoe with a beautiful steamer or a top modern excursion boat. Here, fascinating visits to isolated islands, sailing on rivers and canals await you, and a unique insight into an area where the sea is emptied and enormous surfaces are exposed to take back when the tide returns.

In air
Here the world has wings. The airspace over the marsh and the Wadden Sea is a year-round viewing spot for thousands of wings, deadly battles on life and death, and breathtaking experiences as bird flock after bird flock gather. Birdwatching is and will be both fascinating and enigmatic, and on safari we can sense the big wings and magically almost experience flying like the birds. The exotic birds in the marsh know this area as the world's best food search area.

Possibility of organizing individual tours for groups. Contact Black Safari for more information.

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