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The bird life ..

A big part of Rømø Tønder is natur area like for example the marsh lands. Here are lots of migratory birds on the way to the North in spring and back again to the South in autumn.

Wadden Sea National Park ..

The Wadden Sea in Rømø & Tønder is a nature-protected area of the National Park. In addition to the fine title as National Park, the Wadden Sea also has a UNESO World Heritage title.

The beach..

With over 4200 hectares of beach on Romo alone, this is probably the best reason to visit the beaches on Romo. For you will undoubtedly be blown back by pure admiration, of this beautiful landscape.

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Fishing is perfect in Rømø & Tønder. In fact, Tønder Municipality is the municipality with the most fishing waters.


Lakolk Beach

Lakolk is the beach where many thousands of bathers visit every single day during the peak season. The beach originates from Lakolk where there is ample opportunity to go for a walk in the beautiful dunes.

Cycling in the Wadden Sea

Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, is an area most reminiscent of a completely different planet. The Wadden Sea hosts many experiences and if you love fresh air, salt water and the wildlife, the Wadden Sea is a must see.

Apartment on the beach at sunset in Rømø, Denmark


On good days the beach coincides with the horizon. The beach "Sønderstrand" is up to 3 km wide and a "must see" in our area.

Walk in the Tøndermarsken Photo: Ulrik Pedersen, Tøndermarsk Initiative. The picture must be used in connection with the mention of the Tønder marsh and / or the Tøndemarsk Initiative.

The marsh area

The marsh is a result of the tide, the ice age and the Wadden Sea. The marsh is an incredibly beautiful area characterized by lush soil.

Black Sun

Black Sun

September to November and February to April you can experience the Black Sun when hundreds of thousands of starlings dance the dance of survival. Romo & Tønder have many intermediate stations for the many starlings before they continue their journey.

March route

Marsh Stone - 54 km

The ultimate nature route, which takes you directly through the marsh from Tønder to Høyer and back. Take the entire route at 54km or take some of the loops.

Bird walk in the marsh

bird life

Every year, birds migrate south and back again. The Wadden Sea gas station for the birds before embarking on a long journey. If you love to enjoy the birds, then the area is the perfect place.





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