Fishing in Rømø barrels

Rømø Tønder is the area in Denmark with the most fishing habit.


Fishing licenses can be purchased from Brøns Kro & Rømø Tourist Office

Day pass, senior (16+ years): 50, - kr.

Day pass, junior (10-16 years): 25, - kr.

Weekly card, senior (16+ years): 150, - kr.

Weekly card, junior (10-16 years): 60, - kr.


If you want to try something new on a late summer day, it might be an idea to head for the relatively unknown Brøns Å, which flows into the Wadden Sea between its more famous neighbors Ribe Å in the north and Brede Å in the south.

From the sluice at the outlet in the Wadden Sea and to Birkelev Plantage at Ullerup. Fishing on both sides.
Fishing prohibited at the fish farm 1 km east of the railway bridge in Brøns.
Sea trout up to 8 kilos. Great pike. Spins or worms and floats are suitable.


Arrild Fiskesø is a privately owned facility for anglers and fly fishers. But of course, hobby anglers and others who want to try fishing are also warmly welcomed.
The fishing lake is located right in the middle of the holiday area Arrild Ferieby with 450 holiday homes.

With us we have a tackle shop with a large selection of fishing tackle and associated kiosk, which is open all week, see during opening hours.
In the shop you buy your fishing license for the plant.

We provide information and we have a covered terrace.


The Vidå, which has given the association its name, is formed at the confluence of Arnå and Hvirlå at Emmerske approx. 3 km east of Tonder Town. The voyage is arranged on the entire stretch from Emmerske to Tønder and from here on to Rudbøl. Vidåen offers versatile opportunities for angling, ranging from co-fishing for peace fish and eel to fishing for salmon and sea trout. The river is in some parts very quiet and after the Grønåen outlet south of Tønder town more lively. From the Lægan boat port and westwards the river has the closest river character and the fishing takes place here exclusively from boat.

Fishing rules Vidå


The harbor of Rømø is always happy to see the anglers standing along the quays and our attitude is that the anglers contribute positively to the life of the harbor, and the anglers are - and will continue to be - welcome.

From 1 July 2004, stricter security rules were introduced in ports with international traffic, which meant that certain areas on the port of Rømø were closed to the public.

As an angler, you must respect when the facilities on the port's premises are closed. The gates are closed for both legal and security reasons. In addition, we also ask anglers to respect the signage in question on the port's areas and comply with all instructions from the staff of Rømø Harbor.

All fishing and parking in connection with stays in the areas where fishing is allowed is at your own risk. In no case should fishing make the work or access difficult for the staff of Rømø Port or the other users of the port.

We point out that clean up and waste are always brought to the nearest garbage bin.

Fishing licenses can be acquired at

The yellow markings on the above maps must be fished.


In the lake you can catch trout, eels and carp. Fishing licenses can be purchased at the lake, at Rømø Tourist Office. Rental of fishing tackle by the lake.



Fishing licenses can be purchased at

Ballum Slusekro. Phone. 74 75 11 79
Henning Klint , Brogade 1, 6261 Bredebro. Phone. 74 71 17 96
Den gamle Kro, Brogade 10, 6261 Bredebro. Phone. 74 71 12 09
Wells Hunting and Fishing, Jernbanegade 1clean hunting & outdoorer.


The river, which flows into the Wadden Sea at Ballum Sluse and winds its way through Løgumkloster to Bredebro, is an Eldorado for anglers. The river catches sea trout, some salmon, brook trout and stables. Brede Å has been heavily regulated in the past, but during the 1990s a new twisted course of more than 20 km. Here are really good chances to make a good catch especially in salmon fish.

Season: March 1 - October 31.

Rules for fishing in Brede Å

Provisions for fishing in the association's waters:

  1. The general conservation period for Brede-Aa with adjacent streams is November 1st through April 15th.
  2. Do not fish with barbs and only with one hook per boat. line, single, double or wooden hook.
  3. Fishing with natural bait or bait with fragrances is only allowed on single hooks without barbs. However, when using bait, other hook types with barbs must be used when fishing with a single hook size 12 or a smaller hook. The hook gap on single hooks with barbs must not exceed 6 mm measured from the hook tip and perpendicular to the hook shaft
  4. The use of string, rope and yarn is not allowed.
  5. Sub-target Fish must be discarded.
  6. Only 5 trout fish can be fetched daily.
  7. You may only fish with 1 rod per day. person. However, eel fishing with rod can, for each member, take place with up to 3 rods within a distance of 6 meters.
  8. Parking in fields or in the field is prohibited.
  9. Damage to crops, fences, etc. occurs under fines and liability.
  10. Be courteous and considerate to landlords. Respect posted prohibition signs.
  11. The fishing license is personal, and must not be transferred to others, the card must be carried by fishing in the association's water.
  12. You are required to present catches and fishing licenses at the request of both landowners, anglers and the association's supervisors.
  13. Dogs must not be brought in during fishing.
  14. Bait fish not caught in the Brede-Aa system may not be used for fishing in the river, nor shall shrimp or roe be used.
  15. Only 1 salmon may be collected per person / fisherman per year, all additional salmon catches must be discarded.
  16. For Brede-Aa and Lobæk (A - The piece) applies that when the Brede-Aa Fishing Association has received information that 22 salmon has been brought home over 75 cm, all catches of salmon over 75 cm must be discarded. And when it is stated that 22 salmon have been brought home of 75 cm or less, all catch of salmon must be discarded.
    For other Brede-Aa water systems, upstream of Lobæk (B - The piece), when the Brede-Aa Fishing Association has received information that four salmon have been brought home, all catches of salmon must be discarded.
  17. Salmon catches (taken home or discarded) must be reported to the association by 24.00 on the same day This can be done by letter, e-mail or by reporting via the association's website

Conservation periods

Periods and minimum dimensions 

Salmon - November 1 to April 15 - 40 cm

Sea trout - November 1 to April 15 - 40 cm

Brown Trout - November 1 to April 15 - 30 cm

Stalling – totally protected 

Whitefish - November 1 to April 15 - 50 cm

Pike - November 1 to April 30 - 60 cm

Zander - May 1 to May 31 - 50 cm

Yellow eel - 45 cm

European sprat – totally protected 

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