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Explore your skills with local produce from the Romo-Tønder area

Rømø Butcher is located in Kongsmark on Rømø, close to the old ferry terminal.

There has been a butcher shop at the address for more than 60 years, and for generations various butcher families have run the shop, and all with a tradition of quality and the South Jutland butchery.

Opening hours

Opening hours are changing from week to week.
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Today we are two brothers, Gerd and Jan, who, in close cooperation with family and good faithful employees, take care to carry on the craft traditions. We have further developed the sausage maker craft and put our mark on it, so that today we can offer sausages and cold cuts in quality you hardly find anything similar.

- The taste is our key feature.
Our selection includes a number of Southern Jutland specialties as well as French and Italian inspired garlic sausages with cognac. Common to all of them is the unique taste that has been our hallmark since 1897. Without revealing too much, our high meat content and low fat percentage are part of the secret of the characteristic taste - Read more in the section "Sausage talk".

Fixed closing days: 

All January.

Saturdays in February

Easter Saturday.

Constitution Day.

Our fish buffet

Enjoy our delicious fish, seafood and delicacies at home or dine in our fish buffet. Our huge fish buffet consists of more than 40 different dishes, which of course offer everything good from the sea. In high season you can have a buffet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. See our dates on the cover. Contact us to be sure that you can have a table for a buffet as it is very popular.

See dates for fishing buffet

It is important that you call in good to to secure your place in the restaurant. Call us or send a booking request. Please note that it is only reserved once we have approved your request. Reservations cannot be made by email on the same day.

Prices on buffet

Our Fish Shop

The store always has an exciting selection of seafood freshly caught seafood. Directly from our own smokehouse you will find plenty of smokers. We smoke up to several times a day in the high season in our own smoke oven, quality checked by the manager: Peter Paprotny

One of our specialties is smoked shrimp which is said to taste with pure love as well as our Canadian salmon. from season 2020 we also offer oysters. You can compose your own fish plate - you have to choose between the different salads and the smoked fish we have in the stand. 

If you want to order food out of the house, please call us directly as we do not accept ordering via email. We look forward to helping you with your order.




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