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Back in the 1600s to 1700s, Tonder was an important focal point for the lace industry, which was also due to the lavish wealth of the time period.

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Our area is also known among the many artists who over time have found homes near the Wadden Sea, which is said to be a great source of inspiration.

Especially for southern Jutland ..

Pers Awten / Pers Evening / Saint Peter's Evening is a North Frisian tradition, reminiscent of the day Saint Hans as we all know. It is a bonfire with speeches, which are celebrated on February 21 every year, along the coast of Romo and the mainland.

Culture & Art

Inspiration for cultural experiences

The past leaves many traces - from dam construction, historic buildings, beautiful churches and historic castles. Each with a story behind it, which makes the area an attractive place.

The present also offers interesting and noticeable experiences, which can be both through great craftsmanship for modern buildings. Undoubtedly one can experience a wide spectrum today is Art and culture in the Rømø-Tønder area.

Beliebte Attraktionen


Kommandørgården on Rømø

Experience a time when Rømø was home to captains on whaling ships. At Kommandergården you can see and feel the time when the rich sailors brought home wealth from all over the world and how they made their mark on Rømø in the 18th century


The lace museum - Drøhse's house

Drøhse's house is an attraction in itself because of its age, its architecture and the beautiful conservation work it is today. Inside the house you will find the story of the lace and what it meant to Tønder.

The museums in Tønder

Art Museum & Wegner

Visit the art museum in Tønder and discover modern Nordic art or take in the water tower and visit the exhibition of Wegner's chairs.

The Garden of sculpture

The Garden of sculpture in Tonder is a collection of 15 beautiful sculptures that have been given as a gift for decorating the city.


Uldgade is one of Tonder's oldest streets, which is still well preserved today with beautifully decorated houses facing a cobblestone road


Tonder Christchurch

Tonder ChristChurch is an extremely beautiful church which today is one of the richest in old furniture

We still supply Rømø Oysters

Despite the situation, we still ship Rømø Oysters throughout Denmark.

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