Discover R'mø's large beach on horseback all under the expert guidance. With us, the whole family gets something for the money. It can be a little trekking, a stroll to the beach or a horse ride in nature. You can also try the Icelandic horse with the five gaits. Or the little children from 2 years can experience the great happiness of our shetlanders.


The "Kommandørgården" has a large equestrian center with Icelandic horses and horse carriages and a large playground with lots of fun for the whole family.

In connection with Hotel Kommandørgården lies Kommandergården's Icelandic Center which is open all year. From here, guided riding tours are arranged for both the experienced rider and the one who has never sat on a horse before. We ride in the orchard or on the beach, on the back of an Icelandic horse. We offer hiking on the 2 Wadden Sea islands of Rømø and Mandø, as well as on Koresand. One characterizes all our horses, they are extremely kind and willing - otherwise they were not with us.

You can take the guided tours on our horses, or bring your own horse, we have the opportunity for field space and housing for the horse. We have just chosen the Icelandic horse, which also the Nordic Vikings rode over 1000 years ago, because it is not only content with steps, trot and canter, but has two more gaits, namely, tether and passport. Especially spawning is very attractive, as here you can sit quite quietly in the saddle even at high speed. All horse riding trips are booked in advance directly at Hotel Kommandørgården.

We also ride a horse-drawn carriage with our big Shire horse Nathalie through the beautiful moorland of Rømø (min. 6 people).


Our farm is located on Rømø, one of Denmark's most beautiful resorts. With us you can combine active holiday experiences with tranquility and relaxation. Take for example. on a ride on the beach with our horses. Horseback riding in the woods or on the riding track. The little ones can get a ride on our ponies, with or without help.

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