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Rømø Oysters are incredibly popular and there are several guides that you can take on an oyster tour.


The Wadden Sea National Park contains a huge amount of birds in many species. Bring a guide and experience it first hand.


Take a city guide and get the history behind the area and the small cozy towns found in the Romo-Tonder area.

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Many of the guided tours and experiences in the Romo and Tonder area can be booked online here. 
If, on the other hand, you cannot find what you are looking for then we recommend that you call one of the guides
which is further down the page and ask what you are looking for.
If everything goes wrong you can always call Visit Romo Tonder, we will be happy to help you +45 73 70 96 50

185, - DKK

Oyster Safari

Take a guide out into the Wadden Sea National Park and pick oysters.

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from DKK 120

Guided Bird Tours

See our large selection of bird watching in the Wadden Sea National Park

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Black Sun from 195, - DKK

Black Sun

Experience the black sun with a guide in the Wadden Sea National Park.

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